Welcome to the Jungle: Why Animal Prints can be Neutral

I’ve not really quite figured out why people are afraid to mix prints and patterns. Or that “before you leave, take one thing off” rule so often touted by self-appointed stylists.
Really, the only person who needs to feel good about your ensemble for the occasion is you. And for me, that involves a lot of animal print. Give me a leopard print, and I’ll give you a credit card. And throw a little antelope print on the handbag, and you’ve found yourself a new client.
When trying to figure out how to take a walk on the wild side, there are a few rules that I tend to follow.
1.) Pick one animal to wear. Leopards and antelopes don’t get along in nature, so they probably won’t when partnered on your body, either.
2.) Partner the print with another fun pattern. . . like camo. Predator (camo) meets prey (leopard)? Fun story.  The larger scale of the camo, which by the way is very in right now, plays nicely against the tighter pattern of leopard print.
3.) Leather, leather, leather. Leather necklaces are in and simple enough that they won’t detract from (or fight a losing battle with) a leopard print tunic. Leather vests can cut a leopard pattern so that it doesn’t overwhelm a smaller physique.
Bottom line: neutral is no longer seen as a color, except by interior designers and builders. When it comes to fashion, anything goes. The only thing that matters is that you feel good in what you wear, and what you wear brings you confidence.
Oh, and we totally didn’t even address cheetah print. Bad kitty. We’ll (ad)dress that next time.

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