How to Wear Winter Well


Happy New Year, y’all! It’s been a minute, but I’m glad to be dropping back by with a few tips and tidbits for you! Winter has arrived (well, kind of), and that’s bound to change your way of thinking when it comes to wardrobe, so let’s tackle a few ideas, shall we?

Much like the weather the rest of the year, winter in South Carolina is unreliable, at best. 65 and sunny one day and then 35 and rainy the next. It’s hard to plan around that, but my best advice would be to regularly check the upcoming forecast and wear layers on the days that cover a wide range of temperatures. Since we’ve touched on a good bit of the cooler weather fashion tips, let’s focus a little more on strictly outerwear for the “traditional” (a.k.a. normal) winter days.
Let’s start with the jacket or coat. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a North Face or Patagonia-like jacket. The more “athletic,” outdoorsy type jackets are perfect for staying comfortable and warm when it’s chilly. When you want need to stay warm in a bit of a formal or business casual setting, it’s better to aim for something along the lines of a peacoat or a similar type of wool coat. These bad boys will keep you warm, but also looking sharp. If you want to look snazzy, you could even try for an overcoat or trench coat, depending on the look you’re going for.
One of the best things about standard peacoats or other similar coats is that they’re mostly neutral colors. The grays, browns, blacks, and navy blues are great and pair with just about anything. In addition to that, you can wear a fun scarf to add a nice pop of color to your look! Now, I’m not saying that the scarves need to be obnoxiously bright or anything. On a gray day, wearing a gray jacket, the last thing you need is a gray scarf. Just find something that catches your eye and go for it! It’s a good accessory to have but can also help keep you warm, too! If you need help figuring out how to wear it, there are plenty of YouTube videos to show you different ways of tying and wrapping them.
Lastly, there’s no sense in having cold hands. Yes, pockets make for great hand warmers, but you can’t always walk around with your hands in your pockets. It’s time to get some gloves, guys! And, no, don’t even think about those cheap cotton ones you can buy for a dollar or two. Mittens are kind of off the table as well, because they’re only mildly helpful. Find a nice pair of either leather or wool gloves. If possible, try to find some that are touchscreen friendly, because it’d be a pain to constantly take off your gloves to use your phone. If you’re going the leather route, though, be sure to match your leathers. No brown gloves if you’re wearing a black belt or shoes, or anything like that. Gotta match ‘em and keep everything looking good!
That’s all for now guys! Stay warm (or cool, if it decides to turn into Spring again).

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Nick Kulmala
Nick Kulmala is the head honcho of local bow tie business, A Dapper Sandlapper. He's a Clemson graduate who spends his free time either acting, making bow ties, aggressively following Clemson athletics, or reading far too many Buzzfeed articles. Nick lives in #yeahTHATgreenville with his boyfriend, Chris, and their spoiled French Bulldog, Tilly.

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