Transforming More Than Hair | Behind the Scenes with Salon Adelle

Salon Adelle doesn’t just focus on hair, they proudly proclaim that their goal is to help transform lives. “Our focus is transforming our guests’ hair to be healthy and shiny again,” they say. “In our industry it’s common for a stylist to ask a client guest ‘Same thing as last time?’.
“However, we take pride in our fresh approach that revolves around looking at the bigger picture,” they point out. “We ask frequently, after going over the history of hair treatment, and other important factors, ‘If you had a magic wand, what would you do with your hair?’ Its so easy to put limitations on ourselves when we don’t know what’s possible.”
That’s where the experts arrive. Their team of professionals are extremely knowledgeable and highly trained in specialty services, one of those being hair extensions. Over 95% of their guests wear them. In fact, there is not a single guest that is not a candidate for the service, they say.
“Adelle, the lead designer and owner, is so blessed in her successful career of 14 years.,” says her staff.  “She has been installing extensions for 12 of those, and has made her fair share of mistakes yet prides herself on learning from them.”
The salon has built up a true team of champions, passionate about their careers, but more importantly they are genuinely excited to deliver customer excellence to every guest. “It gives me great pride to transform someone’s life, self image, and overall new outlook the guests have. We always share in those moments,” says Adelle.

The team has a passion to help ladies with thinning or balding hair, due to personal stress, environmental issues, or various medical treatments. For women who have given up the hope of feeling attractive or leaving their house again, this team will do anything they can to help the women regain confidence again. Lives constantly being changed, seeing guests walking taller with heads held high: the women now carry permanent smiles. These are moments to cherish.

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