The Foodscope: Mushrooms


Holy shiitake!  There’s so mushroom in my heart for fun guys.  Yes, I see you over there rolling your eyes at my puns.  Well now you’ve hurt my feelings, because that’s not what friends are spore.  Friends support each other through thick and thin. Through sh***y shiitakes and b**chy beeches. Through crimino crimes and maitake mistakes.  Together, friends dig into the dirt, claw through layers of muck, and yank out a tantalizing truffle from the warm, wet ground. Friends, with fungi remnants lumped in their fingernails, stand proud with their prize clasped firmly in their hands.  The glorious truffle. The glorious shroom.

So, what’s the deal with mushrooms? What are the most popular varieties and how are they cooked across cultures?

Without further ado, let’s scope out the mushroom territory.


  • Believe it or not, but mushrooms share more DNA with human than plants — say whaaaa?
  • They’re filled with tons of Vitamin D (yay vitamins!)
  • Some glow in the dark — so if you’re in need of a flashlight, grab a mushroom and hope for the best
  • They have gills (yep, like sharks)
  • They’ve got more potassium than bananas, so eat up!
  • Mushrooms were first cultivated in Asia in the 600 AD — but only came to Europe in the 1600s

Recipes from around the world

What’s your favorite variety of mushrooms?  Go-to mushroom recipe? Let me know!

Gigi Nally

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