The Fashion of Football


It’s the beginning of August, and as I mourn summer ending, I am looking forward to a fresh start and the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas—college football season. As preseason poll rankings come out, social media feeds are flooded with videos of coaches’ interviews and players’ drills. My skin tingles watching the hype videos, and excitement fills my nerves as I count down to the first game. The action on the field thrills me, but so does the unison of the crowd singing the alma mater for the first time this season and the roar of fans with the initial touchdown. As the season progresses, there are upsets, ranking surprises, post-season play and bowl games. I cannot fail to mention tailgating. Hanging with your friends and family while enjoying refreshments all day long designate game days as the ultimate party.  I could continue with the pleasures of football, but allow me to lure you to an additional subject on the topic.


In my opinion, football and fashion go hand in hand. If game days are the ultimate party, then I am motivated to dress up and show up for the festive occasion. My outfits are planned for the first four games of the season, and I am pondering my choices for the cooler games. Preparing clothes months in advance may sound excessive; however, when you consider all the additional preparation that goes into a football Saturday (tickets, parking, tailgate menu, grocery shopping, cooking, tents, chairs, coolers—are you tired yet?), a little fashion forethought can save time on the big day.  So whether you are ready to strategize a season of clothing ensembles or only one or two for the select games you attend, here are a few tips to consider when planning the perfect outfit.

Bloggers, influencers, and stores are debuting fall clothes. By all means, soak up the fall inspiration for the later games, but remember, this is the south, and the games in September will likely be scorching. Wearing something cool and comfortable is key to surviving all day in the heat. My favorite article of clothing for such conditions is a loose and flowy sundress. Seize the opportunity of the initial games to sport sundresses one more time before fall weather arrives. Better yet, wear the white sundress a final time to the first game on Labor Day weekend.  White is every school’s color; pair it with statement earrings and sandals in your team’s hues and the outfit is complete.  If you are shopping the fall fashion in stores, do not forget to scan the summer sale racks to find a comfortable dress in your school’s colors.

As a precaution, it’s a good idea to make a rain plan, not just for tailgating, but your clothes, too. It’s likely at least one game this season will have rain in the forecast.  Rain boots get the least amount of wear of any item in my closet, but I am very content to have them when it is a rainy game day. I suggest preparing two options: a hot, rainy day and a cold, rainy day. For aforementioned reasons, if the weather is warm, I will pair my rain boots with a dress, and if it’s cool, then jeans tucked into the rain boots with layers on top will be favorable.

Do not forget about the clear bag policy. A plethora of style options are available since becoming the rule for all NCAA stadiums—cross bodies, totes, and clutches. Because these bags are typically smaller than an everyday purse, consider purchasing a small wallet to hold your cards and small pouch for personal items.  To accessorize these bags, try tying a scarf on the handle or adding a pompom like tassel. Both options display school spirit and easily identify your bag.

Now go get to planning; you will be pleased your outfits are perfectly coordinated for the first party of the fall when it arrives in less than a month!

Anna Louise Carter
Anna Louise Carter is a creative enthusiast who loves designing all aspects of life--decorating the perfect space in a home, coordinating a festive table setting, designing a well thought-out wardrobe, planning a warm event, or even painting a canvas. She loves to express her creative side by curating and developing these outlets by gathering inspiration from social media, relationships, local culture, and her grandmother’s home. Outside of these activities, you can find Anna Louise savoring a creamy cup, or two, of coffee in the morning and pretending to be a chef in the evening. Anna Louise is passionate about living life to the fullest--a life that’s reflective of our designed, purposeful surroundings bringing inspiration to every day.

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