The Case for Pink


Pink. It’s not a new color, but some label it as an “of-the-moment” trend. Like anyone who is style obsessed, I peruse Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs for inspiration and ideas. Through scouring social media, I have read a plethora of articles that describe this trend as “millennial pink,” or, in other words, millennials are consumed with this color and buying it on all sorts of products….appliances, home textiles, clothing, and so on; thus making hues and shades of the color in vogue. I have two reactions to this proclamation of pink. My first thought is “yeah, pink is the best color; I thought this was obvious,” and my second thought is “what took the world so long to figure this out?”

I will admit, I did not always appreciate pink. Through adolescence, I objected to the shade because I did not want to be labeled as too girly. So I played basketball, attempted to be athletic by working out, and went mudding with classmates in my jeep. I did not think I could enjoy the color pink and play sports at the same time. I was determined that my actions and behavior would not portray me as too girly. My room was decorated in periwinkle—blue with a just touch of femininity. For a special occasion, I wore any color but pink; for casual wear, I wore a lot of jeans and a black top. Typical teenager–trying so hard to be what you think you need to be. In hindsight, I loved pink, but I was fighting what I thought the color meant. Thank goodness I came to my senses by the time I graduated college and no longer had to rebel my true self. It may not be revolutionary, but I realized I can love pink and love football. I can decorate with pink and not have my house look like a baby girl nursery. I can wear it in the office and still be a professional. (She may be fictional, but I credit Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods for that eye opener.)

I wear pink almost every day. It took me a while (those adolescent years) to figure out that my very fair skin needs bright colors or I look like Morticia. Pink helps my cheeks reflect a rosy glow and instantly brings warmth to my face. When you look good, you feel good and pink does that for me, promptly lifting my spirit. Since my wardrobe has one dominant color, it makes getting dressed and looking put together a very simple task. My entire closet coordinates with pink—shoes, dresses, pants, blouses, accessories. I can randomly pick two or three items and my outfit looks polished and refined every time.

Pink adds a glow to any skin tone. The next time you need an accessory to complete the look, reach for a pop of pink in jewelry, shoes, or a handbag. If you really want an outfit that will pack the punch for your next big occasion, I challenge you to choose a little pink dress. I no longer own a little black dress, but retain several little pink dresses and it’s my foolproof way to look good for any special occasion.

Pink certainly carries over into my decorating style. It’s not a dominant color in my home like it is in my wardrobe, but variations of the hue trail through my house as accent colors. The lower cabinets in my kitchen are coral, creating a very happy space for the room where folks always gather during dinner parties. My favorite table setting is my formal turquoise china against hot pink, glass chargers. Adding pretty blush flowers from the yard or grocery store offers an immediate rejuvenation of life in any space. Pink throw pillows and additional touches of rosy accessories bring the room together. Our master bedroom even possesses pink—only by way of convincing my husband the accent color is not pink, but hot coral. He allowed me to continue my design plan and splashes of the hue accent our room. Of course, after it was decorated, I admitted the color is, in fact, a shade of pink. He’s learned to trust me with decorating and let me do my “pop of pink” thing.

My infatuation with the color has grown over the years. I am like Shelby from Steel Magnolias when she declares “pink is my signature color.” It evokes warmth and happiness, brightens moods. A close friend took Shelby’s statement one step further and told me pink is my brand. I laughed. I accept it as truth; no longer trying to fight being a girly girl, but aiming to represent my own definition pink— confident, happy, bright, inviting.

Anna Louise Carter
Anna Louise Carter is a creative enthusiast who loves designing all aspects of life--decorating the perfect space in a home, coordinating a festive table setting, designing a well thought-out wardrobe, planning a warm event, or even painting a canvas. She loves to express her creative side by curating and developing these outlets by gathering inspiration from social media, relationships, local culture, and her grandmother’s home. Outside of these activities, you can find Anna Louise savoring a creamy cup, or two, of coffee in the morning and pretending to be a chef in the evening. Anna Louise is passionate about living life to the fullest--a life that’s reflective of our designed, purposeful surroundings bringing inspiration to every day.

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