The Best Cocktails to Beat the Summer Heat


Swimsuits and pool time. Suntans and saltwater. This is the time of year when summer days, combined with sweltering heat, seem to pass slowly, and we’re amply seeking ways to avoid it at all cost. On the other hand, the flavors of the season are abundant. Fruits and veggies fresh from local farms are even more delicious and satisfying than I remember from summers as a child long ago. Shrubs blooms in full color, and the streets are filled with people whose smiles remind me why THIS is my favorite time of year.

I’m walking near Camperdown Park, and it’s almost too hot to step on the sidewalks. The lush green trees provide just enough shade to make it tolerable. I’m en route to meet a very good friend for a drink and to catch up on summer vacations and more. I can’t wait to tell her about the BEST gift I received the week of my birthday when someone gave me a bottle of U’niq Vodka. If you haven’t heard of U’niq, you will soon. It’s a new product that is coming out for regional distribution. It’s so new, the website and social media are still being created. A handful of readers will probably know the people behind the business here in Greenville, and the rest of us will know soon. It’s coming, and I promise, it’s worth it.

Vodka is versatile. It’s one of the “skinniest” liquor choices you can make that enhances natural flavors. Take fresh fruit juices or a light mixer like diet tonic, and you’ve got a dynamite beverage that’s lighter on calories without sacrificing taste. U’niq is easy to enjoy, and has a light, smooth flavor that adds the right amount of refreshment and bliss to your glass. In any cocktail, I’m looking for the ingredient that takes ordinary to extraordinary. It’s subtle, and it doesn’t disappoint.

On any hot summer day, the best cocktails of the season are about refreshment. Heavy drinks have a weighty feel. Lighter drinks compliment the season, leave you refreshed and a bit more tolerant of the blazing heat. The trick to the perfect summer cocktail isn’t to weigh it down with heavy ingredients, but to provide as much flavor within one glass as possible. While there’s lots of ways to do this, I recommend any recipe that’s light in ingredients without skimping on the good stuff.

Here are some amazing recipes to take in maximum flavor, minimize the heat, and enjoy the beautiful long days of summer. Enjoy!:

Pink Grapefruit and Lychee Cocktail (Courtesy Shape Magazine)

The 60-Calorie Skinny Mojito (Courtesy

A Classic Cosmopolitan (Courtesy Spark Recipes)

Simple Summer Sangria (Courtesy

Skinny Blackberry Margarita (Courtesy Dishes, Dinners & Desserts)

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