Tanya Stiegler Designs: A Hidden Gem


Tanya Stiegler was born a creative. Guided by her artistic mother as a child, creating art quickly became a large part of her upbringing. As Tanya became older, she — like many of us — debated the age-old question: “What am I going to do when I grow up?!” She knew one for sure: she could never abandon her passion for art. Tanya felt confident she could create a career doing what she loved.

She attended both Guilford College and Philadelphia College of Art, where a course drew her to metalsmithing. Tanya found a zeal for the unique intricacies jewelry making, and once you find something that lights your fire, you can’t give it up. Tanya has been working in metal for over 21 years.

Tanya has her own studio and jewelry line in Greenville, SC. She brings her jewelry to life by crafting every item with precision and care. Not only are her pieces beautifully crafted, they’re durable and comfortable as well.

And as for the design and style of her jewelry, Tanya finds muses in nature. In fact, she views herself as “a translator of ideas and aesthetics found in nature.” Through her jewelry, she seeks to interact with the world — and the people — around her. Tanya finds a profound meaning in the connection between maker and wearer.

Tanya Stielger’s jewelry is more than bits of metal, pieces of gold, gems, and stones; her jewelry is more than material items to wear on your neck, wrist, or finger. Each piece created by Tanya has a story, a meaning. Each piece connects humans with each other and the world around them.

We urge you to visit Tanya’s studio for yourself! You can visit her studio in Greenville in Hampton Station at 1320 Hampton Ave, Greenville, SC 29601, or find out more about Tanya’s jewelry on her Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

*Note: this article was featured in our most recent newsletter, where Tanya’s name was misspelled. Please note the article above is a corrected version of that newsletter feature. The correct spelling of her name is Tanya Stiegler.

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