Swift Charities Donates $150,000 to Miracle Hill Ministries for Addiction Recovery Transitional Housing


In keeping with their motto of “Delivering a Better Life”, Swift Charities has awarded a $150,000 grant to Miracle Hill Ministries to build one of eight transitional houses comprising Miracle Hill at Restoration Place, a recovery village that will support recent graduates of the organization’s Overcomers residential addiction recovery program.

“We love partnering with Miracle Hill because we see the difference being made in the community.  They are delivering a better life whether it’s for the homeless, people overcoming addiction, or for kids in foster care,” said Yvonne Howell, Swift Charities Ambassador for the Greer Terminal.

Miracle Hill at Restoration Place is located directly behind the Overcomers Center and will allow graduates to remain in close proximity to not only the Center but also jobs, transportation, Celebrate Recovery, and their supporting churches.  The 7-acre community will house up to 48 men and will include a shared greenspace that will be utilized for cookouts, sports and fellowship.  Each three-bedroom home will be built to Energy Star efficiency standards.

“We believe this village protects and enhances higher success rates by providing healthy, affordable housing options for those in transition and by housing them closer to resources and giving them the accountability they need to succeed,” said Reid Lehman, President/CEO of Miracle Hill Ministries.  The organization’s current success rate (defined as living productively and free of harmful substances) for addiction recovery graduates is approximately 66%.  Additionally, more than 65% of Overcomers utilize Miracle Hill’s transitional housing as they progress toward independence.  With an average of 100 Overcomer graduates per year, the need for housing is great.

Total cost of the project is expected to be nearly 1.8 million dollars.  Construction will continue as funds are raised.  Swift Charities Executive Director, Jim Stone, said in an award letter that “it is our intention to leverage our monetary gift and passion for this project by sharing our excitement and the opportunity to participate with like-minded customers and suppliers.”  Additionally, the company hopes to participate actively in a work project, helping to build out the infrastructure of this transitional community.

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