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If you have known them for an hour, a day, months, or many years, you know that these girls have a BIG love for clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, and home decor.   Best friends for over 20 years, Erica and Kristen met each other in high school, stayed in touch through college, and then Kristen and Jeremy introduced Erica to her husband, Jeremy.  Both couples were married within a few years and have become like family. The boys are roping partners, traveling to team roping events on weekends, all across the southeast. The girls usually stay home with their children, shop, eat dinner, and enjoy lots of laughs. In July of 2017, Kristen was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy, radiation, and is currently still on oral chemo to prevent reoccurrence. 

Through this life changing event, both women saw God’s amazing grace and realized even more that each day is truly a gift.  When Kristen was so sick during chemo, Erica would come by with a shopping bag of clothes that she’d found, completely outfitting her friend, purse and all. She knew just what would make her friend squeal with excitement, while feeling so yucky.

 And that is love.

Erica can bring tons of sunshine to the gloomiest days and she’s been by Kristen’s side through every single step on this rocky road, bringing donuts to the nurses, and holding Kristen’s hand during the scariest times of her life.  That is what best friends do for each other.

Having the same likes and interests, too, makes it so easy to begin a fun adventure.

They say that a good friend knows all of your stories, but a best friend helps you write them.  And that describes their friendship perfectly. For many years, they have dreamed of starting a boutique, and that dream has come true in God’s perfect timing.

The Swanky Steer, offers southern grace with southwest grit.  

The ladies have begun with local pop-ups and will travel with their cowboys soon. Eventually they may even be hauling a horse trailer behind them, to showcase the products.  This endeavor already, has been so much fun, and they’ve truly seen God’s handiwork the whole time.  

The past year has been rocky during Kristen’s illness, but the seed that God has given them to plant and grow this business, brings such joy to them both. From meeting with a branding company and different vendors, to ordering products online, they both are “giddy”, especially when they each want to keep one of everything.   

They can’t wait to help you find the perfect gift or outfit, share their story of God’s goodness, all while spreading joy in this life they are living.  
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Lindsay Cote
Lindsay is originally from Maine and has lived in the Upstate for the past 10 years. She is married to a fellow "Mainer," and the two of them have a 5 year old son. Lindsay works full-time as a Human Resources professional in Greenville, and she has recently started a lifestyle blog as a creative outlet. You can find everything from latest fashion trends, product reviews, and lifestyle narratives on her blog - http://livelovelc.com/ !

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