Stay upBEET and Eat Your Fruits & Veggies

Add some spring to your step, ladies and gents. The best and brightest of produce is back in season so it is officially time to get healthy. The greenest vegetables and juiciest fruits come out with the sun — and with warmer weather right around the corner, you should prepare your taste buds for ultimate deliciousness.  Here’s my guide to the best produce in the month of April (which also happens to be my birthday month… Coincidence? I think not).


1. Arugula
If you can bear the mustardy, bitter bite of this green (I personally cannot), then graze away! Leafy greens have loads of essential vitamins and minerals. Arugula tastes best with a simple oil and vinegar dressing topped with nuts and sliced pears — or you can make arugula pesto if you’re feelin’ spicy.
2. Asparagus
Grill this green veg up with some salt and pep’ for a smoky flavor and tender texture.
3. Beets
If you’ve never tried Trader Joe’s peeled and steamed beets, you are missing out. They literally – LITERALLY – taste like candy. Eat ‘em plain or slice ‘em and use as the perfect salad topper.  Now that I think about it, these beets would pair nicely with that arugula salad…
4. New Potatoes
New potatoes, old potatoes, young potatoes, wise-and-crotchety potatoes — a potato is a potato.  You know the drill. Roast them, boil and mash them, bake them, or slice them into fries.  And although this paragraph has ended, the potato possibilities are endless.
5. Peas
The simpler, the better with these green studs.  Steam a cup of peas in a pot and toss with your favorite spices and you’re good to go. For spices, I recommend a blend of garlic powder and himalayan salt.


1. Cherries
I do not have any recipe suggestions for cherries, because I strongly believe that cherries shine brightest when eaten plain.  Side note: if you can tie a cherry stem knot with your tongue, you are a truly talented soul.
2. Grapefruit
The perfect breakfast addition.  Slice in half, sprinkle with raw cane sugar and cinnamon, and devour with a spoon.
3. Kiwi
Peel your kiwi, slice your kiwi into cute ‘lil discs, and delicately lay slices atop your coconut yogurt for the ultimate Instagram Foodie Photo.
4. Lemons
Lemons are at their juiciest and sweetest in the spring, so squeeze these tart gems on anything sweet or savory.
5. Strawberries
Eat them raw, toss them in a fruit salad, or bake a healthy strawberry shortcake for friends and family.  Side note: do not forget to wash your strawbs!  Make sure to get rid of all those nasty chemicals and pesticides before indulging.
To conclude, I feel obliged to remind you to not forget to eat your fruits and vegetables, peas and thank you.
What is your favorite fruit and vegetable? I personally love a ripe mango and crunchy carrot.

Gigi Nally

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