Spring into Spring with Interior Plantscapes


Interior Plantscapes is a certified woman-owned business, that has been providing quality interiorscape services to the corporate community since 1989. With centrally located facilities in Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, and Charlotte, the company is able to store and acclimate plants for timely installations and replacements. Today, Interior Plantscapes provides personalized designs, installations and maintenance services for hundreds of national prestigious clients.

IPS has deep roots in the Carolinas where conditions have been ideal for them to thrive, blossom and do what  they do best: implement strategic plantscape solutions that help companies bring biophilic design into their
workspaces. If that isn’t enough, IPS also offers a full line of small to extremely large commercial Christmas  designs that are on display throughout the region during the holiday season.

Interior Plantscapes’ priority is always to exceed the customer expectations by providing unsurpassed service. They also strive to continue to set new standards of excellence in the industry through and to be on the cutting edge of the introduction of new products such as living walls, moss walls, and air plants. IPS is much, much more than just a plant watering company! Interior Plantscapes takes pride in its courteous and friendly horticultural team of technicians, holiday design team and installers that you can always spot around town in their standard company uniforms (probably with watering cans & tape measures).

If you are looking for a place to help you jazz up your space, be sure to check them out!

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