Rooted in Tradition: A Beginners Guide to Making Vintage Look Modern


Written by Julie Israel and Missy Connor | Found

So, you inherited your grandmother’s crystal candy dish and it’s now collecting dust and sits tucked away in your cabinet. Never fear, though. There is a way to pull it out of the dark, dust it off, and make it blend with your modern décor.  Being curators of vintage pieces, we have a few ideas…

  • Mix it Up –  The easiest way to have an interesting and collected home is to add vintage layers. Vintage items have a story whether it’s yours or someone else’s. Just finding the piece can be the story. Simple pieces to add these layers to your home include: trays, bowls, bookends, lamps and art. Mix these finds with your recent travel keepsake, new original art acquisition or newest home splurge and voila, story.
  • Give it a Face Lift – Whether it’s a thrift store score or a hand-me-down there are clever ways to make it new again. An old lamp? Update the lamp shade. A dated dresser? Change the hardware. A finish doesn’t match your décor or style? Paint it. Your Aunt’s wingback chairs with ugly fabric? Reupholster those babies.
  • Dust it Off – Make the item useful again by changing its purpose. Incorporate your favorite era in new, unexpected ways. For example, we believe anything can become a bar (long dresser, microwave cart, TV cabinets, tray tables – all bars). Vintage bowls or trays are perfect for organization and corralling things like remotes, art supplies, bar ware, and magazines.

And, if all else fails…add a modern pillow. Just the touch of interesting fabric print can update any room.

Don’t be afraid. Mixing old and new is a trend that has stood the test of time. If it’s a piece you love, because of where it came from or who it came from, it will work. Trust us, you will be haunted by those vintage pieces you don’t buy or keep.

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