Rocksbox Subscription Review

Have you heard of Rocksbox jewelry subscription service? Let me explain how it works. For $21 a month, you will receive three pieces of jewelry that you can wear and try out for as long as you like! When you are ready to refresh the set, you can put it back in the mail. You can refresh the jewelry as often as you like, this can even be more than once a month. When you are ready to refresh your set, unless you decide to purchase an item, you will return all three items at the same time. Return shipping labels are included, and you can even reuse the same envelop that the box came in. For any pieces you just can’t live without, you simply keep them. Your card will be charged when the rest of the items arrive back to Rocksbox.
As a Rocksbox member, you get exclusive access to the New Shop, which is where you can shop brand new pieces. There are over 30 jewelry designers such as Kendra Scott, Kate Spade, House of Harlow 1960, gorjana, and Loren Hope.You also get exclusive access to the online Clearance Shop. where you can get gently worn pieces for up to 50% off retail prices. All of the jewelry is thoroughly sanitized and cleaned each and every time it is sent out.
There is a style survey that you fill out when you first subscribe and also a Wish List where you can add items that you would like your Rocksbox stylist to send out to you next. As part of the service you get Shine credit each month ($21 dollars), that is automatically applied to any purchase that you make. The credit expires at the end of each month, but you receive another $21 at the beginning of the following month. There is also something called Forever credit. Forever credit is earned through the Invite/Referral program and does not expire during your Rocksbox subscription. Any Forever Credit is also applied to your purchase (after Shine credit has been applied). Both of these credits can be used towards purchasing items in your set, but not toward the monthly membership fee. It’s very easy to put your membership on hold or even cancel if you wish. You can also send Rocksbox as a gift for a friend to try! They will be notified by email prior to being charged for the next month’s monthly fee and they can decide to continue or cancel the subscription.
The verdict? I have been a member for a few months now and absolutely love this service. It is a great way to try out the latest and greatest jewelry with no commitment to buy, other than the $21 monthly membership fee. When you are ready to ship back it is so easy, you just put the items you don’t want back in the envelope with the return label and stick it in the mailbox!  Also, your stylist reviews the Wish List and makes sure to send at least one item each time that you picked out. I have already received a few items that I absolutely love!
Want to give Rocksbox a try? Use my referral code LINDSAYCBFF33.

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