Recipe of the Week: Shrimp and Grits


The weather is getting chilly out in the mornings & evenings. I’m ready to embrace fall.

I wanted to share with you a recipe that is a comfort food but in a unique way. One of the main ingredients in this dish is oh-so-southern . . . Grits.

When I first moved to South Carolina at age 12, I had no clue what grits were. My first experience with them was unimpressive, as they just tasted like salt & butter. Fast forward almost 20 years later & I have found a grits recipe that is not only impressive but leaves you wanting more! Recipe inspired by The Weekend Gourmet.

Cook two to three pieces of bacon in the oven at 375 until good & crispy & set aside.
Pour some of that bacon grease into a large skillet on medium high heat.
Add 1 C of thawed corn niblets.
In about 6-8 minutes the liquid will have cooked off & the corn will begin to turn golden brown.
Stir halfway through the cook time. Don’t skip the corn. It does something to add to the texture that can’t be replaced, trust me.
Add chicken stock & half & half to pan with corn.
Bring to a boil & slowly whisk in 1 C of yellow cornmeal.
Reduce heat to medium-low & cook for 10 minutes.
Whisk the grits pretty continuously to keep them from sticking to the pan.
When the grits are thickened & cooked add in butter, Colby Jack cheese & ½ of the crumbled bacon.
In a separate skillet add butter over medium heat.
Add in one shallot & two sliced green onions.
Add in 1lb of shrimp covered in Cajun or creole seasoning. I prefer to use Emeril’s creole seasoning here but if you want more of kick go with Cajun.
Cook shrimp on each side, about 3-4 minutes.
Add the rest of the reserved bacon & 1/2C of heavy cream.
Stir well & cook until sauce begins to thicken 1-3 minutes.
Spoon shrimp & sauce on top of cheesy grits to serve, topping with more green onions if you prefer.
Goes great with a green salad & some flaky biscuits.

Cheesy Shrimp & Grits
2-3 slices of bacon
1 C thawed corn niblets
2C chicken stock
2C half & half
1C of yellow cornmeal
2 TB butter
1 C shredded Colby jack cheese
2 TB butter
Green onion
1 lb medium shrimp, peeled & deveined
1T of creole or Cajun seasoning
1/3 heavy cream

Cook bacon & reserve some of the juices to cook the corn in a skillet. Cook corn until golden brown, about 8 minutes, stirring halfway through.
Add chicken stock & half & half to pan at medium high heat. Bring to a boil. Slowly whisk in yellow cornmeal & reduce heat to medium low. Cook for 10 minutes, whisking throughout to prevent sticking to pan. When grits are cooked & thickened add in 2T butter & cheese. Whisk well & set aside
To prepare shrimp: Add to saucepan over medium high heat with butter & cook shallot and green onion. Add in shrimp with creole or Cajun seasoning & cook 3-4 minutes each side until done, Add reserved bacon and heavy cream. Stir until combined.
Serve shrimp over prepared grits.

Jeni Townsend
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