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We have been scoping out Given, and were thrilled when they agreed to be featured on The CLUTCH. Welcome to Erin, Beth, Jesse & Caitlin, our newest contributors!

In their own words:

ERIN: I’m the oldest sister. Wife to my best friend and high school sweetheart, Joseph. Mom to my little girl Lucy and little boys Jesse and Hoke…and to my lab Fisher. I’m a lover of creating and design, going on dates, sleeping in, staying in pj’s, Coke, whiskey (preferably together).

BETH I’m the middle sister. Wife to the love of my life Wes. Mom to three little crazy people: Counts, Reese & Elsie, and one human-like Weimaraner named Nellie. I’m a seminary graduate and counselor, lover of writing, dark chocolate almonds and staying up way too late, Clemson, Target, cold draft beer, and Kiawah Island.

JESSE I’m the third sister. I adore being married to my history-loving husband Drew, and we have a little girl named Harley! I’m a lover of travel, politics, dark chocolate, history, Clemson, and being Southern.

CAITLIN I’m married to Sam, E, B, & J’s little brother making me the youngest sister! I love being newly married, the great outdoors, fried pickles, a good view, laughing, and attempting to play the guitar. WE feel blessed to know and serve a creator who loves BIG, and we can’t wait to serve Him through GIVEN!

Given is a thoughtful curation of ethically minded, socially conscious goods. Their purpose is to provide the consumer and giver with beautiful items that champion a great cause. Purchasing is a powerful choice- one they hope will empower and sustain. Given collaborates with various artisans and partners who create opportunities for us all to use our purchasing power for good.

Q & A

1. Where did the earliest genesis for the idea of GIVEN come from? What was the initial spark of inspiration?
Several years ago, we attended an amazing women’s blogging/writing conference called Allume in Greenville, SC—our home! Half repeats, half newbies, we were all amazed, encouraged, refreshed, and challenged. It was life changing in all the best ways. We walked away from the weekend, wanting to do something more—something bigger than ourselves. After that weekend, we weren’t exactly sure what that meant. During the months following the conference, we talked openly about what this would look like to us. Many chain texts, phone calls, emails, and face-to-face time later, Given was born as a platform to serve Jesus, love people well, bring beautiful products to the general public, and change the way people think about purchasing goods.

2. With the wide array of social enterprises that promote socially conscious goods, how do you select the artisans/organizations that you partner with. Is there a specific criterion?
We love searching for partners and building relationships with artisans and other socially conscious companies. We are constantly keeping our eyes and ears open for unique artisans and organizations. When we find one that pique our interest, we follow them on social media, read about them, and discuss how their mission aligns with what we are doing. We don’t have an exact method. We do our research and then we do a simple gut check!

3. Why is it important to make people aware that purchasing is a powerful choice?
To us, it is important for people to realize that behind every good purchased, there is a person: a life, with a history, a future, a family, talents and dreams of their own. We want those people treated with respect, and one way to do that is to make sure the goods you purchase are crafted in dignified way by people who are honored for who they are and what they can bring to the table. Our purchases have impact, and we want that impact to be good—to the betterment of people, families, cultures, and to our world. It is a small change, a shift in your mindset and awareness, that makes a HUGE difference!

4. We like to ask a fun question, What’s in your bag? Other than your cell phone and devices, please share with our readers what essential items you keep within arm’s reach every day?
This is a scary question, because it is safe to say that all of our bags are pretty full and most likely messy! We are all carrying a different Fashionable bag at the moment, and in them are JOYN braided key chains, I-phones, Grove Collaborative orange thyme + cardamom chap stick, lots of hair rubber bands, Braid immunity booster roller and some other essential oils just in case, a few Le pens, random snacks for the kiddos, a little notebook to jot down ideas and to-dos, and old receipts from the grocery store and tattered lists, ha!

5. What would you most like us to know about your brand that we can’t learn anywhere but from you directly?
A dream formed among us, and we talked about it and prayed over it. We wanted to do something that would glorify God, and we felt like one way to do that was to change the way we spent money. It is simple, but the impact can be significant! The decision to change the way to shop and spend impacts Artisans all over the world, and this single decision has opened our eyes and is impacting us and our families. It truly has shifted our perspectives and has encouraged us to use our power, and the gifts God has given us for good & His glory.

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