Q&A with the In the Know Upstate Tribe


We’ve been having a lot of fun recently with In the Know Upstate. At The CLUTCH we believe in collaborating, not competing, when it has to do with anyone and anything that helps spread the good word about the Upstate. As we got to know the ITKU tribe, we kind of loved every single thing about them and what they do, so it’s only natural that we announce a great collaboration percolating.

Stay tuned for details about this new partnership, but until then – in case you didn’t know – here’s a little Q&A action about them.

The CLUTCH: What is In The Know Upstate?
In the Know Upstate: In The Know Upstate is where you go to discover things to do, eat, and experience across the entire Upstate – all in ONE place. From our website and social media to engaging with the community as we uncover the many hidden gems of the Upstate, we make it easy for you to love life locally.

TC: How does In The Know Upstate help me?
ITKU: Good question! We’re all about making it easy for you to find new and exciting ways to experience the Upstate in ways that matter to you. There are so many amazing local experiences, businesses, artists and stories all across the Upstate that are just waiting to be discovered. So, we did it for you. (See? Easy!)

TC: So, now we know what you are and how you help me. But, WHO are you?
ITKU: The  ITK Tribe, as we like to call ourselves, is a team of eight Upstaters with a passion for our community and the people in it. We believe everyone wants to enjoy life and love the place they call home – and this is quite the home. So, in May 2017, we launched In the Know Upstate to bring you everything this fantastic place has to offer in a really simple, fun way. No matter what you’re passionate about – food, art, festivals, food trucks, music, etc. – you can find it all in one place.

TC: Why do you call yourselves a tribe?
ITKU: We want to create something that is more than just your standard, everyday business and team. We live and breathe the Upstate, and aspire to be an authentic voice and resource in the community. Also, we have an awful lot of fun and quite like each other. Which is good, because we spend A LOT of time together.

TC: I’m a reader, and I’m intrigued. How do I find you?
ITKU: Well, dear friend, we’ve made it very easy to find us! (See, we really are all about this easy thing.) You can find us at www.InTheKnowUpstate.com, on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter @itkupstate, on Facebook @In The Know Upstate and you can sign up for our weekly Upstate Update planner that comes straight to your inbox to help you plan for the week ahead. Also, we’re constantly out in the community, so please say hi. Come join us and start loving life locally!

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