Q&A with Harp & Shamrock Croft


So tell us about Harp & Shamrock Croft and your history.

We are a small family farm in Upstate SC that strives to bring fresh, local, and sustainable produce to the nearby community. Our love for farming and livestock brought us back from D.C., having lived and worked in the Nation’s Capital for over eight years, to open Harp & Shamrock Croft, LLC, in 2013. Our main focus is market-based sales via multiple farmers’ markets in the area, wholesaling, and sales at our new farm store.

The goal for the upcoming growing season is to get our 30’x12’x50′ greenhouse (high tunnel) built by early January so we may begin to grow for late winter and early spring produce sales at markets and on site. The crowdfunding Campaign is designed to encourage the local community to invest in a local, small family farm. So far we have raised 10% of the goal in just three days.

What is the mission of Harp & Shamrock Croft?

Developed by Paul and Jenni with their now five kids in early 2013 in line with their vision to create a small farm and raise chickens and goats. And so emerged the Harp & Shamrock Croft, LLC, which is a Homestead in an effort to be self-sufficient in the needs of the family with a goal to be able to provide local, chemical-free, and fresh produce to the community.

About the greenhouse. Explain to our readers what purpose a greenhouse serves, and why you need one for your farm.

Simply, a greenhouse would allow us to grow year-around, save space, and:

  • Increase quantity and availability of chemical-free produce for purchase onsite as well as during winter markets (we take great pride in our main farmers’ market and work hard to bring a good variety of produce each week)
  • Use the success that we have achieved in growing in our smaller high tunnels to the next level
  • Most importantly, the Campaign will permit us to avoid taking on any further debt

Fill us in on anything else:

  • Finished the on-farm store front to simplify customers’ purchase of produce
  • Completed a successful inaugural year Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) through three eight-week seasons that provided fresh, weekly vegetable shares to over 150 people
  • Raised organic-fed, pasture-raised chickens for eggs to sell on-site and at local farmers’ markets
  • Partnered with Hub City Farmers’ Market to provide produce for their CSA Shares and Mobile Market to a more diverse demographic in areas classified as food deserts
  • Introduced and increased the number of visitors to the farm and provided more educational opportunities for farm work days
  • Engaged the surrounding community by hosting events on the farm to educate, entertain, and feed

Also, my wife has an Etsy store where a reader can find great gift ideas for the holidays. Items like fresh goat milk soap, made from our own goat milk and natural colors and scents, hand-sewn items like tree skirts, table runners, and aprons.


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