Q & A With Lucas Marchant


We had the opportunity to connect with Local attorney Lucas C. Marchant, who has recently announced his intention to run for 13th Circuit Solicitor, the chief prosecutor for Greenville and Pickens counties.  Marchant knows the kind of commitment and undivided attention that is required to see justice served within the Upstate, and his supporters are excited about his candidacy. Supporters have become engaged in his campaign due to Marchant’s devotion to fixing what is broken within the current political system. Marchant is committed to representing the citizens of Greenville and Pickens counties with transparency, honesty, and integrity. Read Marchant’s Q & A to learn more about him!

Lucas Marchant

How is the campaign going?

 I am very pleased, excited and, perhaps most of all, humbled by the support we are receiving so early on. People are extremely encouraging and engaged. I think that this is indicative of the current political climate: people are seeing what they don’t like or what they want to see changed, and they are actively participating in fixing what they feel is broken. 


What kind of engagement are you seeing?

High levels of involvement and support. If you need some evidence, just look at our Facebook stats that we pulled recently. We just started it the other week – and our engagement is up nearly 658% in the past seven days. One post alone had nearly 70 shares. Our reach is up nearly 500% in the past seven days. People are rallying behind us, and they’re not holding back. Citizens of Greenville and Pickens counties are incredibly active. 

We welcome people to join #TeamMarchant, too. Our petition signing locations are as follows: Marchant Law Firm 506 Pettigru Street, Greenville | Sunshine Cleaners, 1800 Laurens Road, Greenville | King David Hair, 1432 Laurens Road, Greenville | Windows Inc., 2333 North Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville | Allen’s Creations, 400 College Avenue, Clemson | The Marchant Company, 100 W. Stone Ave, Greenville | Patty Cake Boutique, 3915 Pelham Road, Greenville |  Financial Resources, 201 E. Broad Street, Greenville


Why are you running?

I am the best candidate for the Solicitors Office.  Wilkins is currently the sole candidate for solicitor, notably seeking re-election for a third term while simultaneously was (until Tuesday) campaigning on the Templeton gubernatorial ticket. It’s evident that the Solicitors Office is, and was, his back-up plan and he has aspirations above and beyond that of Solicitor, and that’s just not the case with me. This is my end-game, not a stop along the way to something higher on the political totem pole.  I’ve always been interested in the position, though my original plan was to wait until Wilkins retired. My intention is to give voters a choice about who should represent their interest. Because the filing deadline has passed, I plan to run as an Independent Petition Candidate, which requires 10,000 signatures by July 16th in order to be added to November’s ballot. I know this is no small task, but the tremendous support and encouragement we’ve received so far leaves the team confident that the voters will continue to respond positively to having a choice.

 It’s hard to believe, but there are over 18,000 cases currently pending in the 13th Judicial Circuit. And this number continues to rise each year. There’s a huge backlog, which isn’t fair to the citizens of Greenville and Pickens counties. I know the commitment and undivided attention that is required to see justice served within the Upstate. And as I said, for me this is my end-game. Not a stepping stone. 

I served 12 years in the solicitor’s office with roles as an assistant deputy solicitor as well as the Violent Crime Team Leader, serving six years under Bob Ariail and six for Wilkins. I’ve got the experience required, the dedication it takes to get the job done, the transparency that the citizens of Greenville and Pickens counties deserve, and the honesty that everyone should expect. 

Ultimately, I was born and raised here and have deep family roots. I love our Upstate. I’m committed to the citizens’ best interests, none of which are going to be served well without a leader that is committed to serving the citizens best interest.


What was it like working with Wilkins? 

In the six years I served under Wilkins, I oversaw a large majority of the day to day operations of the employees and court operations.  I was in the courtroom fighting alongside my colleagues.  I look forward to building on those relationships I have with the office, law enforcement and the courts when I am added to the ballot and, ultimately, elected to serve. My goal is to fully engage the staff and team, and to afford every person in the office of the solicitor a voice and platform. Everyone must feel supported in the office. I look forward to doing everything I can for the citizens of Greenville and Pickens counties, and that cannot be accomplished without the employees in the solicitor’s office feeling supported from the top down.


What makes you a different candidate?

I am solely committed to this position and to the service of the good people of Greenville and Pickens counties.  I have no agenda nor intention to do anything other than to serve.  My dedication can be seen for the work that I have done and the integrity that I have to make the right decisions regardless of the situation.  I support law enforcement and have a working relationship with them that is unparalleled.  I am a leader who has the respect of the employees of the Solicitors Office and the members of the criminal justice system that will afford me the ability to advance the interests and mission of the office.

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