How to Pick Art for Your Home


Walking into someone’s house for the first time, I always notice the artwork first. I think someone’s art collection is a little window into what that person/family is passionate about and is also a taste of their style.

When it comes to selecting artwork for your own home, I believe in pieces that have a personal meaning to you and also make a special “splash” in your living space. If you are buying a piece of artwork, I think you should ask yourself, “Can I live without this painting? Will I be thinking about it tomorrow, if I don’t get it?” It takes a while to realize exactly how artwork can affect you and learn that when a piece makes a big impression on you, you need it! You should be very excited when buying a piece that means something to you.

I am a fan of “bigger is better” and of course, color. Create drama! Bring in color and interest on your walls! I like contrasting colors within a space. Therefore, I do not think that a painting has to match the wall color, fabrics, or decor within a room. You want to bring in interest with your artwork and create a “moment” that causes people’s eyes to be drawn to that wall. I think the bigger the piece…use a more minimal frame, if you frame it at all. Let the piece stand for itself.

When someone buys a painting from me and they ask my opinion on where to hang it, I always ask, “Where will you see it the most and enjoy it daily?”. I think it is a trend right now to have your family room and kitchen open to each other. It creates such an amazing open space and people in both rooms are able to be together. So, I love when a large painting hangs in either your family room, breakfast room, or kitchen — Hopefully you are able to enjoy it whether sitting on the sofa, cooking in the kitchen, or eating at the breakfast table.

It is important on your walls to mix artistic mediums, subject matter, and styles. I love when a funky colorful abstract painting is hanging near a classic antique painting. “Mixing the old with the new” shows depth/history and curiosity within your own art collection. You do not want all of your artwork to look like it came from the same place. I love when a landscape paintings hangs by an architectural scene or a sketchy figurative piece is in a room where a large abstract painting is also hanging.

If you have a large colorful painting over your mantle or sofa, I believe in finding that one pop of color in the painting and possibly incorporating that color in the room with one pillow or one chair. Find one funky little fabric that compliments that pop of color. It subtly ties that color in and also creates a little interest in the room. You want to keep people’s eyes wandering around the room.

Mix textures on your walls. I love a print or painting framed under glass hanging close to an original oil or acrylic painting. Use different frames— some wider and traditional, some more minimal. If every painting is framed in the same frame, things start to look like each other.

Something I learned when I first started buying artwork for myself…do not rush to buy anything. You will find artwork that speaks to you along the way. A lot of people move into a space and feel like they need to fill up their walls immediately. Do not buy something just to fill up the wall. Make sure it means something to you and will still mean something to you in 20 years.

Most of all, your artwork should speak to you and make you happy…maybe it is a landscape scene of a special place you visited or maybe it is a painting by a close dear friend who is an artist. Put that piece on a wall where you will enjoy it the most! I hope my paintings have that effect on people!

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Harrison Blackford
Harrison is an abstract and impressionist artist, who believes there can never be enough color on a canvas. She enjoys using energetic colors and vibrant hues to inspire a work of art. Harrison is captivated by the fact that a single painting can illuminate a space and tie an entire room together. Harrison's passionate use of color and expressive paint strokes evoke her personality into each one of her paintings.
Harrison grew up in Spartanburg, South Carolina and garnered a deep interest in the arts and interior design at an early age. Later, studying art history and art at Sewanee: University of the South, she continued to seek inspiration from the work of both past and present artists. Harrison currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina. She enjoys nothing more than a beautiful South Carolina day, windows up in her studio, and paint on her canvas.

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