Oh, The Things You Can Do With Apples.


We’re deep into apple season at this point. If you haven’t ventured to your local orchard yet, now’s the time! Bring a basket and fill ‘er up with the sweetest, crispiest fruits that nature has to offer. Pick up a Braeburn, a couple Galas, some Pink Ladies, and maybe a Granny Smith or two. (Pssst: here are the months your favorite varieties are available). Personally, my favorite is Fuji, which is available mid-to-late October — I better get to pickin’, and fast.

We already know there are several things you can do with apples, even beyond slicing them to pair with peanut butter or eating as-is. So, while I could talk about my favorite apple pie recipe, you likely have your grandma’s recipe written on a card somewhere in the back of your pantry. Either that or you do a google search for “Apple Pie” and click the top result when it’s your turn to bring a pie to the party. Sharing my favorite apple pie recipe wouldn’t provide you with any groundbreaking information. All pie recipes are the same or, at most, slightly varied from one another. Where are all the new apple recipes at, yo? Well, friends, I’ve scoured the interwebs yet again. I’ve found (and compiled — you’re welcome) some healthy, inventive apple recipes to keep your diet fresh and fun.


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What’s your favorite type of apple? And do you prefer apple pie or apple crisp? Do you use your grandma’s recipes or are you a Martha Stewart type of gal?

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