A New Normal: New Year’s Eve with Children


As our friends without children (yet) prep and plan for their NYE, I’m inundated with texts and questions such as “Should I wear this?” or “What about this?” All of which involve sequins, sparkles, (faux) fur, baubles and stilettos. Oh, and contoured make-up application (let’s not forget about that).

At first text, I find myself a little nostalgic. “Remember when we could stay up late, drink champagne, and go to a party,” I’d ask my husband. “Those were really fun excuses to just have a blast and celebrate ringing in the new year with hope, faith, and bubbles.”

Then, I find myself thinking about the reality of the situation. Our evening will be spent wearing stretchy pants, a flowy top, no shoes, and we’ll be lucky to keep our eyes open post 10pm. And temporarily, I feel a little jealous about those who get to dress up and feel like a mini-celebrity for an evening.

But upon further reflection, as our kids are falling asleep and I hear the sigh of contentment as they enter that deep sleep, I realize that this is a new normal for us. Gone are the days of fancy dresses and late nights. But, at the end of the day, I’d gladly trade sequins for stretchy pants, and loud parties for loud protests about staying up past bedtime.

New normal can be a good thing, and as the new year approaches, I am gladly embracing them.

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