New Contributor Alert: Shana Glenn Poe


We are so excited to announce the addition of Shana Poe to our community of collaborators! Find out about this fit, fashionable, faith-led mother of two (wife to Nelson). . . And what drives her and inspires her. And get ready. She’s got a lot to say!

The CLUTCH: So, who are you? Tell us!

SGP: Loaded question…haha

Hi, I’m Shana.  I was born and raised in the Upstate.  I am a daughter of the King, wife to Nelson, a momma of 2 wild & crazy boys, Crawford (3) & Grayson (1.5) and 2 labs, a Physical Therapist, Yoga Instructor, and a Trainer.  And then recently, I started this little lifestyle blog I call Handstand Happiness (Yikes- I know that sounds kind of insane – it kind of is, but I LOVE being all of these things).  I am a sweat junkie and shopaholic, and I love to have fun and live spontaneously!  We live in downtown Greenville and love being out and about in our amazing city!

TC:What makes Shana the person you are?
SGP: First of all, I could not be who I am without the support of my husband.  He tolerates my passion for all the things above (which is a lot) and I can’t thank him enough for that.  I love people and love to work with people, no matter the setting, but typically in what I do it inevitably is helping others find their better self, their stronger self and finding a better quality of life in some capacity.

TC: Tell us about your  blog. What inspired you to start it?
SGP: I have always enjoyed sharing things with others, whether it be an outfit out of my closet or sharing my new favorite place to eat or shop or workout.  The blog is a creative outlet for me to embrace my love for Jesus, my boys, food, fashion, a good sweat, and photography.  It is a true lifestyle blog about working life in and out of balance.  If nothing else, it serves as a place to document our lives – our weekends with the boys, our triumphs and trials, traveling, dining out, etc…

TC: What is your passion (or what are your passions)?
SGP: I love to sweat alongside others because it is so inspiring.  I also thoroughly enjoy being involved in community.  I think I accidentally already answered this question above, but truly I am just passionate about life.  We all have our struggles and trials, and life is dang hard, but all in all I love this life He has given me and believe in striving to live it to the fullest.

TC: Tell us something we don’t already know from reading up on you!
SGP: I pole-vaulted in High School (but clearly I am no Sandi Morris)…and like many I try to eat healthy 80ish% of the time, but I have a slight addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper (particularly from Chick-fila)! Super excited to contribute and be a part of The Clutch!

Join Shana as she walks us through her life each month. Welcome, friend!

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