Never Die From Heart Disease


“In my estimation, and opinion shared by 2 more of my cardiology colleagues, if you eat a vegetable-based diet, you should never die from heart disease. You will die from something, but it won’t be a heart attack!”

This was told to me by a Cleveland Clinic renowned cardiologist, after reviewing my own heart catheterization study.

Let’s rewind a bit and review what “heart disease,” or specifically what “coronary artery disease” is, and how it kills a large portion of adults.

Your coronary arteries are very high-pressure systems that supply the muscle of your heart with needed oxygenated blood. They are particularly susceptible to damage from high blood pressure and from deposition of fat/cholesterol. They can be damaged and clogged regardless of your weight, fitness level and can happen at almost any age. I was a prime example of this fact, as are the numerous men under 50, including professional cyclists and fitness trainers. There are just too many “healthy” people having heart attacks.

So if exercise and age don’t protect us, what does? There is mounting scientific evidence that one specific factor can not only prevent heart attacks, but also REVERSE coronary artery disease that is already present: Vegetable Based Diets! Not low-fat diets, not vegetarian diets, but vegan diets have been witnessed to reverse heart disease.

I didn’t believe it myself until I heard the numerous stories that are circulating among the Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Cardiology. Being a fellow physician, I got the face to face inside scoop. The docs there detailed case after case of patients with life-threatening blockage of coronary arteries that were scheduled for open heart bypass surgery who embraced a veggie-based diet. After 3-6 months, they cancelled the surgery due to life-saving shrinkage of plaques and blockages. These docs were “science based academic types” telling me these stories, not alternative medicine gurus.

The Cleveland Clinic is on the forefront of this discovery because of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, a renowned cancer surgeon who has been studying the effects of plant-based diets on heart disease for over 30 years. Sure he is extreme, and has plenty of colleagues that dispute his information, but I whole-heartedly believe him. I have spoken to multiple cardiologists who were big skeptics, but have literally seen patients’ coronary arteries open up after months of strictly eating a plant-based diet. This is REAL, and nothing short of extraordinary and life-saving.

Maybe if veggies were grown by a big pharma company, you all would be hearing the news daily! Do yourself the favor and at least check out Dr. Esselstyn’s website or watch the movie “Forks Over Knives.” Even if it changes your diet moderately towards more fresh vegetables, it just may change your life!

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