Nachman Norwood & Parrott Releases Update to Perspectives on Wealth Management Insights


Greenville, SC – September 20, 2017 – Nachman Norwood & Parrott (NNP), a wealth management consultancy, released a 2017 update to Perspectives released last year. The informative resource highlights wealth management, tax, legal, real estate and insurance planning insights that high net worth individuals should consider in 2017. To create the comprehensive update, NNP regrouped with the same team of professionals originally interviewed to understand how trends have changed and learn more about the issues facing them today.

“A lot can happen within a year and our clients rely on us to stay on top of the trends,” said Maura Copsey, Vice President of NNP. “This updated piece brings a new perspective to an ever-changing environment, and we are pleased to be providing the resources needed to help clients meet their goals.”

Last year, NNP released, Perspectives, their inaugural perspective paper focusing on the elements of a true wealth management plan. They received and gained insights from experts who specialize in key categories of wealth management. Engaging industry professionals to help guide specific areas of wealth management can help enhance the ability to understand the interconnectivity and repercussions that decisions or events can have on wealth.

“It is essential to have a diverse and informed perspective to help grow and preserve your plan,” says Ben Norwood, Managing Director of NNP. “Our cross-team approach provides the collective experience of consulting with both our team and experts in other fields to ensure you gain the knowledge you need to make informed wealth management decisions. There are often unknown variables that could influence your financial planning and that changes year to year.”

A few key takeaways from Perspectives include discussing life events before they occur with your tax advisor, being aware of major changes in healthcare and Medicare reform and keeping the future top of mind. NNP specializes in meeting the needs of high net worth clientele by utilizing a holistic, team-based approach.

Those interested in learning more about wealth management may download NNP’s updated Perspectives at

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