My Funny Valentine


“Romance is thinking about your significant other when you are supposed to be thinking about something else.”—Nicholas Sparks

 Love is in the air. I see it on my husband’s face as he tries to decipher if I really mean it when I say, “You don’t have to get me anything.” Love lurks in the stores I frequent, where candies and chocolates taunt me at every turn. Love lies in stacks and heaps on my kitchen table, in the form of cards and treat bags to be handed out at classroom Valentine parties. Love is all we need. That and some calorie-heavy chocolates, dinner reservations, and some refrigerated red roses. OK, so maybe Valentine’s Day is not my thing. Even though I am comfortably rooted in a romantic relationship, and I have plenty of friends and family to love on, the holiday feels contrived and overwrought with expectations. I make a point to tell my dear ones that they are loved throughout the year, so setting aside this one day for something we should always be doing feels terribly insincere, both for the lover and the lovee. (Man, I hate the word “lover.”)

Anyway, all that said, I do plan to participate in the holiday, because I’m not completely heartless. Also, I love all things chocolate, red and pink are great colors for me, and I am a hapless victim of pretty much all marketing schemes. My nearest and dearest, which include my husband, children, family members (the ones that I actually love and not just have to say that I do), and my closest friends, will be showered appropriately with love-themed candy and cards. They should understand that they will have to share any candy they receive. In the case of my kids, I’ll give them a lot of useless junk that I will have to pick up over the next few weeks before finally throwing it away, and some candy that I will secretly eat in the pantry after they go to bed. Because I love them, and it’s not healthy to eat that much candy.

But what about my other loved ones? Some of my nearest and dearest literally don’t know I exist. Still others know that I’m here and may suspect that I love them, but a Valentine’s gesture might be a little weird. So, I’m taking this opportunity to get in the spirit of the holiday and say something from the heart for these beloved ones that might otherwise go unrecognized this Valentine’s Day. This is for you, Lovers. (Ew.)


  1. Target

My dearest Target, you smell so nice.

And everything here is just the right price.

My love for you shall never die,

As long as my RedCard you do not deny.


  1. NetFlix

Oh Netflix, sweet Netflix, it is so true

I want to spend the whole night with you!

Let’s skip the intro and get this thing started.

If the queue is full, how can I be broken hearted?


  1. Tamiflu

Kids are so great, but they can carry the flu.

When the test comes back positive, You’re My Boo!

You keep us all well, which makes my heart flip,

Maybe my stomach, too, but we’ll overlook that bit.


  1. My Girlfriends

All day long, we’re on the group chat.

Cursing and moaning about this and that.

I just don’t know how I’d make it through

Without a hundred stupid GIFs shared with you.


  1. Seat Warmers

On these cold and dreary winter days,

When the winds like a knife can cut,

I shiver as I climb into this freezing car,

And, in no time, you warm my butt.


  1. Justin Timberlake

The way you move, it’s just too much!

My kids are at school, wanna meet for lunch?

You’re clever, you can sing, and we all know you’re cute.

Just give me a chance, and give Jessica the boot.


  1. Snapchat Filters

You make me a better woman, or a cat, dog, or bunny.

You smooth away my wrinkles and make my voice sound funny.

You keep my kids entertained and cause all my friends to snicker.

This mom over 40 can’t take a selfie without her Snapchat filter.


  1. My Dry Cleaner

Dry Cleaner Man, I have to say, you’re really not that sweet.

But when I pull up in your drive-through, you never miss a beat.

I also want you to know, your plight I understand.

I’m giving you all these shirts, because I can’t do ‘em, man.


  1. Tacos

You’ve been with me through thick and thin.

Mostly thick, because I want you again and again!

Made of crispy corn, or the softest flour,

If it were up to me, I’d have you every hour.


  1. Wine

You can be red, or you can be white.

It doesn’t matter which, as long as you’re here tonight.

And when I feel that I must partake during the day,

It’s perfectly acceptable to lunch with Rosé.


XOXO, all you Funny Valentines. Show extra love to your people today, and don’t forget them the rest of the year. And if you’re feeling a little lonely on this made-up holiday, just remember, there might be someone loving you from afar, or someone who might be pleased as punch to get a quirky poem from you.

Shanna Walker
Shanna Walker is a lover of wine, words, family, and friends. Not necessarily in that order, but especially when they’re all together. An Upstate native and graduate of Wofford College, Shanna worked for several years in the Real Estate Finance industry before assuming her current role as full-time CEO of her chaotic household. She is responsible for the health and well-being of her hardworking husband, two precocious daughters, and a high maintenance goldendoodle, as well as all the facilities and supplies needed to run such an operation. She’s doing an ok job with it all. To hear more of her thoughts on the ridiculous and mundane, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @chicwhitesheep, or browse her blog at

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