Mrs. S’ Story: “Rebuild Upstate was there in my time of need.”


Meet Mrs. S
Rebuild Upstate was there in her time of need.

Mrs. S prayed for a way to fix her leaking roof. The moisture from the leak was causing mold growth in her home which was causing health problems and even hospitalization, for herself and the 7 grandchildren that live with her. While walking in her neighborhood one day, she saw Rebuild Upstate volunteers working on a nearby home. Shortly after, she completed an application for assistance and was able to host a group of volunteers who repaired her roof. “They were there in my time of need. I am grateful,” she shared. 

As a result of having her roof repaired, Mrs. S has not been to the ER since. Her family can focus on spending time with one another and doing what they love: like cooking, celebrating holidays, and focusing on education.

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