Miles of Artistic Style: Get to Know Miles Purvis


Miles Purvis, an emerging female artist and South Carolina native, calls our lovely state home. After attending the University of South Carolina, graduating with a BA in studio art, she decided to take a different path. Up until the end of 2015, after working in a field entirely unrelated to art (she worked for a government agency and property management firm), she decided to take a leap of faith to pursue her passion full time. After participating in a local art show in the Upstate, she piqued our interest with her unique style. We reached out to her about her journey and her process.

“As unmatched as those positions were for my heavily right sided brain, they were perfect for me at that time in my life. They prepared me for that leap of faith that has shown me things about myself and my work that I would have not fathomed achievable, and I am sincerely thankful for that growth period. Currently, I work out of my home studio in Columbia, SC and create abstract, figurative mixed media collages and paintings. I enjoy exploring texture through different mediums and materials. I am always looking to change the original intent of an item. Nothing brings me more satisfaction that recycling an ordinary, household item and use it as an unusual element in one of my collages. I want people to have to ask what a feature is made out of. One question that I am frequently asked is, ‘As an artist, what inspires you and your process?'” Purvis says.

“Art is supposed to simply make you feel it, physically and mentally. It doesn’t matter how detailed, colorful, or what size it is. As long as you love it, that is all that matters. It embodies a provocative and vulnerable spirit that many of us long to have, but lack the gumption to exude. My work is a reflection of what is currently inspiring me in life and that is always ever changing. Sometimes it is a reflection of being a southern lady, sometimes it stems from an intriguing conversation with a stranger. With each piece, my focus is to create a captivating pause in the midst of movement for its viewer. That may be by combing repurposed materials and painted papers into a collaged body of work or focusing on forming bold strokes of pigment into an unusual pattern. Living in a fast paced world, being able to find both stillness in motion is rare, but when you can capture it, it is a beautiful thing.”

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