Men’s Fall Must-Haves


Guess who’s back, back, back… Who’s back? Fall! That glorious season, time of year, and state of being has at long last returned. But shoutout to Mother Nature for the mild weather to close out the summer – you da real MVP! Now that the dog days of summer are ending and cooler weather is returning, it’s time to assess and reassess your wardrobe to make sure you’re prepared. We’ll cover some Fall essentials and why they’re important. Let’s jump on in, y’all!

Sweater weather is the best weather! When it comes to cooler weather, sweaters are a failsafe and a great go-to item. If it’s cool, grab a lightweight sweater. If it’s cold, grab a heavyweight sweater. Pair your sweaters with a button down or even a t-shirt and you’ll be good to go. There are a few types of collars to pay attention to, like crew neck (just a standard “t-shirt” collar), cowl neck (think of a super baggy turtleneck), shawl collar (like a cross between a standard collar and a lapel), or V-neck. Depending on the situation and the occasion, any of these types of sweaters could work for you.

Now what about that lower half? When shorts-wearing weather leaves us and we’re forced to wear real pants again, it’s great to have a few options. Dark washed jeans are a really solid choice and can be dressed up or worn casually. Ensure your jeans are a good fit and don’t have holes or any faded spots (not that there’s anything wrong with that style of jeans, they’re just for a different setting). Another great item to have would be a pair of brown, tan, or khaki chinos. Honestly, any shade of brown would be just fine. J. Crew and Banana Republic have some of the better choices and fits for chinos, so I’d swing by and snag some if you don’t already own any! Cooler weather also marks the return of corduroy! Cords are a great alternative to jeans and chinos and come in a variety of colors. The added texture of corduroy can change the look of an outfit and make it feel a bit cozier.

Can’t forget about your feet! One of my go-to pairs of shoes for fall and winter is a pair of Clarks’ Desert Boots. Those bad boys are comfortable and versatile and won’t let you down. They come in a few different colors, but as with the chinos, any shade of brown would do just fine. Another type of boot that’ll serve you well is L.L. Bean’s duck boots. These traditional wet weather boots will keep your feet nice and dry (and pretty warm, if you get the insulated ones) when there’s precipitation falling. Another traditional variety of shoe, but completely different in style, would be the wingtip oxford. Cole Haan makes a great light brown wingtip that’ll work well both at the office and a night on the town.

One more fall must-have, but completely unrelated to fashion, is Burt’s Bees chapstick. The plain, original flavor is perfect for when the cooler weather leads to chapped lips. I keep some in my truck, at work, in jacket pockets, and pretty much anywhere I think I’d need it. Grab some for yourself the next time you’re in a grocery store or pharmacy, because there’s nothing attractive about chapped or split lips.

That’s all for now, folks! Enjoy the beautiful weather and stay dapper!

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Nick Kulmala
Nick Kulmala is the head honcho of local bow tie business, A Dapper Sandlapper. He's a Clemson graduate who spends his free time either acting, making bow ties, aggressively following Clemson athletics, or reading far too many Buzzfeed articles. Nick lives in #yeahTHATgreenville with his boyfriend, Chris, and their spoiled French Bulldog, Tilly.

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