Meet The Undercover Doc


With the current climate in healthcare, many of you have asked (and pleaded) for us to find more health-related contributors. Not just wellness, but those involved on the medical side. No small task, given the culture of the medical industry. But never fear. Just as we were talking to many physicians, surgeons, and specialists, one came right to us. One of our very own readers.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Upstate, meet The Undercover Doc. For obvious reasons he cannot disclose his identity, but rest assured he’s been vetted and will provide relevant articles that will give insight into all of your healthcare queries. He also plans to write on things that might not have crossed your minds. Read on for a Q&A about The Undercover Doc, and get ready for some pieces we are so excited to share that we can hardly wait to publish round one.

The CLUTCH: So, tell us a little bit about yourself, to the extent that you feel comfortable disclosing information.
The Undercover Doc: I am a double-boarded specialist who has worked with patients of all ages in the office, hospital and ER realm for almost two decades.

TC: So you’re legit. What inspired you to reach out to us?
TUD: I’d like to be your unbiased source for information that healthcare teams don’t normally discuss with patients due to time of other constraints. From alternative therapies and medico-legal quandaries, to uncovering the mysterious world of medical costs and billing, I’ll focus my articles on topics you don’t see in the mainstream media or health system websites.

TC: Sounds good to us! What are some tidbits about you?
TUD: I’m in my 40’s and have two amazing children. I LOVE Greenville and will never leave. I have practiced on the East and West coasts, and am an avid world traveler. I’m passionate about caring for children and have a passion for identifying and treating conditions that have psychological overlays that worsen known disease. I believe that American Western medicine is without a doubt the best in the world, but that the alternative/holistic medical realm also can yield some great benefits.

So get ready, folks. The Undercover Doc is headed your way, and has a lot of amazing topics planned. We won’t spill the beans, so you’ll just have to stay tuned for his first piece. . . Headed your way soon!

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