Meet Stephanie McChesney The Brilliant Mind Behind the Alternative to Plastic Surgery


Meet the face behind Skin by Stephanie. We were intrigued by her concept, and knew you would be too. With all that’s on the market these days, along with a lot of misinformation about what works and what doesn’t, we wanted our readers to have a look into a truly unique Upstate skincare specialist.

A little bit about Skin by Stephanie. Involving a highly individualized program of clinical skincare products and aesthetic treatments, her customized program helps beautify skin. Her focus is on improving the appearance and elasticity of skin at the cellular level through the use of clinically-proven active ingredients—Peptides, Retin A, Antioxidants & Vitamin C Ester. Clinical aesthetic treatments by Stephanie are customized completely to your skin’s changing needs in order to maximize your results.

A personalized home regimen of Science Ceuticals, Stephanie’s exclusive clinical skin care line featuring the highest levels of active ingredients available, is a major component. How amazing is it to have a unique regimen made-to-order just for you?

Stephanie is dedicated to educating individuals on the proven benefits of active ingredients on the skin and to serving as the alternative to non-invasive cosmetic surgery. Science Ceuticals and S Minerals are gluten-free, fragrance-free, non-GMO, vegan, paraban-free, water resistant and excellent for auto-immune or skin conditions.

So find out about our newest contributor in the beauty and aesthetic arena: Stephanie McChesney.

Tell us about yourself… Who is Stephanie McChesney?

I grew up in Ohio and moved to Charleston. I started my own business fresh out of school performing pre- and post-operative treatments for plastic surgeons. I met my husband, Stephen, while establishing my first practice. We have a daughter, Madeline, who is a junior at Furman. And a special needs son, Max, who works at the Sports Club in Five Forks. Family is very important to me. We recently made Greenville our home and are excited to spread the word about how Skincare By Stephanie can change lives.

What inspired you to go into the field of aesthetics and skincare?

I feel lucky to have realized early on that I had a gift with my hands and creativity. As a little girl, I grew up with three older sisters who called our home “the house of beauty” because hair and make-up was of the utmost importance to me as a young girl. For a while I thought I wanted to be a “hairdresser for the stars” after observing my cousin (a NYC hairdresser for Lucille Ball and Diana Ross). That changed when I started studying skincare and make-up. It was then I knew what my true passion in this field would blossom into something big.

Can you tell us more about your experience performing pre- and post-operative treatments in Charleston?

When I set up my first practice in Charleston, I partnered with most of the well-known plastic surgeons to do pre- and post-operative procedures. I started to notice an unfortunate trend. Most clients going under the knife or getting toxic injections were only temporarily happy with the results and felt as though they needed to keep getting procedures to revamp their looks and happiness while spending way too much on these procedures. On top of that, they would use the wrong products for their skin. I knew this is where I could help.

Why are you the alternative to plastic surgery?

Skin by Stephanie is THE alternative to cosmetic surgeries and evasive products because all of the products and procedures are focused on achieving results on a cellular level backed with science. Unique, high performance peptides (peptides in skin care provide significant anti-aging benefits) are prescribed based on the client’s skin type and goals. Peptides and stem cells are the most important parts to focus on as the alternative to cosmetic procedures.

How did you build your reputation as a Celebrity Skincare specialist?

I spent several years in Miami working at two of the most exclusive destination wellness spas, Doral and Fisher Island. It was there that I worked with A list actors, dignitaries and celebritie like Oprah and Regis Philbin. They’d spend weeks at these destinations to focus on their health and wellness.

What makes Skin By Stephanie products unique in this competitive market?

In my 25 year career, I have been fortunate to work for some top skincare manufacturers and saw how products transitioned from what I call “fragrant spa” products to “anti-aging” products. After researching these products, I noticed how many of them contained potentially harmful ingredients, gluten or diluted ingredients. Something had to be done. That said, ten years go I designed and patented my own high performance anti-aging skincare line called Science Ceuticals. It is an all clean line: no minerals, gluten, fragrances, etc.

The same can be said about our makeup line. Not a lot of people realize that there is gluten and paraben in many brands of makeup. Our makeup like is gluten free, paraben free, and fragrance free mineral makeup and a fair price.

Can you tell us more about your procedures?

Body and facial procedures include…
Micro-dermabrasion this is a very important procedure that removes dead skin cells, brown spots and acne scars from the face and neck area. It rejuvenates sun-damaged skin, opens clogged pores, and visibly smooth’s lines and wrinkles. This process most importantly allows for active ingredients like the peptides we discussed, to penetrate deep to a cellular level. Many women apply products daily, only to have the active ingredients (their investment in products) sit on the surface of their skin rather than penetrate into the cells to be effective.

Micro current is often referred to as a “natural” facelift. This safe and painless facial helps erase fine lines and wrinkles, while firming your skin and defining your features. It improves muscle tone, reduces puffiness, increases cellular activity, and tightens pores. The overall result is a healthier and younger looking skin, no matter your age.

Radio Frequency…Radio frequency skin tightening (RF) is an aesthetic technique that uses RF energy to heat tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. The technique induces tissue remodeling and production of new collagen and elastin.

Cavitation (this is the safer alternative to liposuction) Ultrasound Cavitation is a process where the power of ultrasound naturally breaks down the fat and the fat cell in a localized area of treatment and then allows the body to naturally move the fat, fat cells, and toxins from the area out through the body’s natural detoxification process. When combined with Tripolar radio frequency (RF) the newest RF on the market today you also tighten, tone the skin reducing sagging, wrinkles and the appearance of cellulite. The combination can’t be beat and the new RF is painless.

The results attained on clients are not only loss of inches the same day but instant feeling of skin tightening and immediate loss of wrinkling on the skin.

Any other words you’d like to tell our readers?

God has blessed me with every individual who walks into the door of my practice. I truly believe that this is where I need to be, and have the honor of treating the whole wellbeing of the individual, not just their skin.

Thank you for reading this article! I am excited to open my practice up to The CLUTCH readers and would like to offer a 50% discount to new clients on their first consultation and treatment when they mention this article.

Please call 864-314-2417 to schedule an appointment, and I look forward to more skincare updates and news for you in the coming weeks!

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