Meet Our New Engagement Editor


Hey, ya’ll! I’m Katey, and I’m so happy to be introducing myself to you as the new Engagement Editor at The CLUTCH. I’m relatively new to the Upstate, moving here about five short months ago, and I am already in love with this cool city! I grew up in a tiny town in west Georgia, so I consider Greenville a huge metropolis mainly because there are multiple buildings taller than five stories and more than one Chick-Fil-A in the same county.

I graduated from the beloved University of Georgia (can I get a GO DAWGS?!) with a degree in public relations before getting married and packing bags for GVL. I wear many hats and love getting my hands into everything I can. A couple of my biggest passions are writing and community involvement, so the excitement I have about being a part of The CLUTCH is exponential.

Most days you can find me at work (I seriously adore my job), training at the gym, cooking something new, or hanging out with the people I love. On occasion I can also be found fueling my inner nerd by rereading the Harry Potter series.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are 5 things I think you should know about me:

1. My fingernails are always, always painted. Not having my nails painted is like not wearing shoes.
2. The hardest thing for me to do is sit still and relax. You could say I’m a busy bee.
3. I bleed coffee.
4. My favorite color is pink. When in doubt, go with the pink one.
5. I’m a clean freak (just ask my husband…)

I’m thrilled about this adventure with The CLUTCH. Talk to you guys soon!

Katey Gordon

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