Meet Emily Cox


Welcome, Emily, to the team! Emily is going to contribute regularly about the Greenville cocktail scene. Get to know her below – and be on the lookout for her around Greenville! Know of a great place you want her to feature? Or an amazing libation she MUST write on? Shoot us an email ( and we’ll send her on over!

Emily Cox

Age: 39-ish

Hometown: Greenville!!

Why do you write?

For me, writing is about connecting. We have some amazing people who touch our daily lives. Writing gives me a chance to tell their stories.

What do you regret?

Not taking chances. You know, like how could I pass on the chance to be a guest contributor?  I’m totally terrified but completely excited at the same time to put myself out there.

Biggest fear?

There are bigger fears out there, but for me it’s…. sneaky spiders. You know, the kind that might get in shoes. BIG ones. I check my shoes before putting them on every day, and have yet to find a single spider in them. But it could happen!!!

If you won a million dollars, what would you do?

This is one of my favorite questions to answer for one simple reason: Winning the lottery isn’t actually in my dreams. Sure, paying bills matters. But for me, life is about great experiences. Family, friends, good food and travel are great blessings in life. And yes I could buy travel with a million dollars, but time spent with amazing people is priceless.

What interests you when you’re not writing for The Clutch?

Exercise. I’m really bad at doing enough of it but LOVE it when I do it. Food and beverages are the fibers of my life. I LOVE to play Craps. I adore meeting and connecting with new people. I love a really good TV show when I have time to watch. I help organize chapter events for my alma mater, Converse College.  I LOVE supporting charities and those folks who are really doing the heavy lifting to make our community better. And, I’m a proud Sustaining member of the Junior League of Greenville.

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