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I know what you’re thinking, Love what? Yes y’all, #LoveResinates and I’m going to tell you why and how. At times, we all can use a reminder that we are enough and that we are loved.
It’s so easy in this day and age to have an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy. I mean look around, we have people telling us we should look a certain way and there’s a magical number we should be on a scale. There’s people who tell us we don’t look good enough, we don’t parent right, we don’t eat right, and y’all the list goes on. I wanted to create something to serve as reminder of how amazing you are. To also remind you that you are enough, that you are worthy and you are loved just as you are.
So I created and launched a line called #LoveResinates. In this collection, I make heart keepsakes (out of resin!) of many kind that can be a reminder for you. They can be a keychain, an ornament, a mini sun-catcher— they all serve the same purpose, to remind you that you’re loved. I expanded the line to “Love Letters” which come in any letter. Also to serve as the same reminder that you’re so so special and one of a kind.
Within this line is a memory keepsake for those who have faced enormous loss and a rainbow keepsake for those who want to celebrate miracle babies. Here within #LoveResinates there is a place for everyone to belong, for everyone to feel love and everyone has the opportunity to spread love to another person.
I have defined #LoveResinates as, “to evoke an emotion of adoration through the gift of a resined heart keepsake”.  Whenever I see these beautiful pieces my heart smiles and I’m genuinely overcome with a feeling of happiness. Not just because they’re beautiful but because they mean so much to me and I love being able to spread such an important message. Every keepsake gets sent with another keepsake, a flat lay card that tells a message repeatedly of self worth…heart confetti because hello, heart confetti. 😉
So whether you need a reminder, know a friend who could use a daily reminder, or a know of a family member who could use a memory keepsake, would you step out and help me spread love like wildfire?
View the full #LoveResinates line here.
Love Resinates Love Resinates Love Resinates

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