Nike Air Jordan 3oth Anniversary Shoe Reveal


Spencer Stanton knows how to shoot a model.  Whether the model is in a photo shoot for a high-end fashion magazine or if the model is a spectacular luxury automobile, Spencer excels at making the them good.  When a local advertising agency reached out to him to shoot a project in NYC, Spencer knew it would be something special.

To Spencer, the project seemed fairly clear cut.  “The only thing I was told was that I would be shooting a basketball game for 2 hours in New York City”, he said.  “That was pretty much it!”

What Spencer didn’t realize was that he was going to be given the opportunity to shoot one of the most famous models in the world: The Nike Air Jordan 30th anniversary basketball sneaker.

Within 24 hours the world knew what the new “Banned” Nike Air Jordan 30th anniversary shoe looked like, and Spencer had a memorable portfolio of professional work to reference for years to come.

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Spencer Stanton
Spencer Stanton is a Greenville, South Carolina based Professional Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Photographer. He has over a decade of experience and has the ability capture exactly what you need,
just the way you need it.

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