Just Something New


Surprise! After 35 years Greenville Family Partnership will no longer be Greenville Family Partnership.  We now have a new name that encompasses what we strive to get parents, youth, and communities to do on a daily basis. Just. Say. Something.

At Just Say Something we help families do just that.  We remove barriers and excuses that might keep parents from talking about tough subjects such as drugs, alcohol, and other challenges of life.  Our goal as an organization is to help parents and community leaders understand that their conversations about drugs and alcohol doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it out to be.  Once the conversation starts we believe that it will compel parents to start and maintain important conversations about drugs and alcohol that will lead to healthier choices and stronger bonds with their kids.

Being an organization that has been around for as long as we have, it is hard to make such a large change without losing our history.  To help with this, we were blessed with the opportunity to be a part of Riggs’ Partners annual CreateAthon. Because of their fabulous team, Just Say Something can now move forward while still holding on to our roots and our core values.

With that said, our new identity comes with some new style.  Just Say Something is about transformative conversations. The logo design and other style points, which that connote conversation and balance, with weighted emphasis on the word “Something”.  The colors are bold, grounded, and up-lifting.  The background pattern speaks to the many empowering conversations Just Say Something facilitates.  Logo design, identity system, typeface selection, image selections and color palettes constitute a new look that leans to the future.

So, will you join the conversation?


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