Actually, I love juice but I have seen its huge contribution to obesity issues in the Americas. Obesity is a ridiculously huge problem (no pun intended) in our healthcare system today and leads to death from an enormous amount of secondary problems it causes. In my estimation, juice and sports drinks contribute much more to obesity than soda or candy, and we are all constantly barraged by advertisements that try to convince us that they are natural and healthy. In 2017, it’s estimated that 30% of children are obese and upwards of 60% of adults.

First off let’s dissect what juice is. Simply put, it is water and tons of sugar. There are some substances that give it flavor and a few vitamins you can get other places. A glass of juice has as much sugar as a snickers bar or bag of skittles. Nobody in their right mind would eat 3-4 snicker bars over a day, but I can tell you there are millions of people that drink that much juice or (in my beloved South) sweet tea.

Let’s do the math. A juice, sports drink, sweet tea or even smoothie has about 150 calories per drink. If you are someone that drinks juice with breakfast, and another with lunch or dinner, you are consuming an extra 450 calories per day ONLY from a few drinks. Over a month that equals 13,500 calories, which equates to approximately 4-5 pounds of FAT on your body. The reason I love this calculation is that if you reverse it, all things being equal, you should LOOSE 4-5 pounds a month (or gain 4-5 pounds less). And sorry folks, the same applies to beer and wine.

Let’s talk about beer and wine. First off, there is nothing in wine that is healthy other than the substances found in dark grape juice. If you are someone who drinks “adult juice”, you should know the negatives are twofold. First, the simple added empty calories. Secondly, because alcohol is a toxin, your body chooses to metabolize it before anything else and ANY calories you eat or drink with it are converted to fat for later usage thus the invention of the “skinny fat guy”. 5-6 drinks a week will put on 2-3 pounds over a month.

Please do yourself and your kids the favor and place juice in the dessert category and treat it as such. This will help fight the battle against obesity and lower risks for diabetes. Also, use this information to motivate yourself or your kids. Merely cutting out sugary drinks could be the easiest and most effective diet you have ever been on! Don’t believe the hype… Juice IS NOT healthy. Eat a piece of fruit instead.

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