Hot Drinks for Chilly Nights


Ever have a yearning for a sweet, warm drink? A hot drink that’s not coffee or plain tea? One that soothes your throat and settles softly in your belly? One that makes you go “aaaah” after taking a sip?

For me, these cold, drizzly evenings have made me crave a warm drink like a pregnant woman craves a pickle. On these nights, however, I have zero desire to brew a pot of coffee — caffeine after 2pm is off-limits for this chick, and decaf coffee takes like poison. I guess I could steep a mug of tea, but after a while, plain tea becomes boring; it grows dull like the grey, blanketed sky.

So what’s my solution? Well, friends, believe it or not, but I have another list for you. A list of warm drinks. Who’s surprised? Not me.

Yes, I’ve scrubbed the interwebs (yet again) for seasonal, healthy hot drink recipes. See the list below, along with links to each recipe!

The List

What’s your favorite fall drink?

Gigi Nally

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