Healthier Halloween Candy


The spooky season is upon us, ladies and gents. Halloween is almost here.

I like to think of Halloween season as a pill: although this Pill-oween provides great satisfaction for your home décor needs and sweet tooth, side effects include an empty wallet and unhealthy gut. Yikes.

Although not everyone will experience side effects, we should all take preventative measures. Today, we’ll focus on keeping your body nourished.  And while it may seem contradictory, these preventative measures consist of consuming candy. Yes. We’re putting a healthy spin on the candy that runs rampant throughout October. (Side note: how the heck is it October already? It’s hot as the Sahara desert here in SC…)

To satisfy your sweet tooth — without breaking the bank at Target and throwing off your healthy lifestyle in the pantry — I recommend recreating your favorite candies and eating them in moderation.

I’ve compiled a list of recipes that are healthier alternatives to popular candies. I do want to mention, however, that it is A-OK to enjoy “real” candy every once in a while — I wholeheartedly believe in moderation over deprivation. If you have a craving that you just can’t curve, enjoy that York patty, take a couple bites of that Hershey’s bar, DEVOUR that Reeses’ pumpkin. Repeat: moderation not deprivation. Got it? Good.

With all that being said, let’s dig in to this candy!

Note: These recipes are not my own — they come from trusted bloggers whose recipes i’ve followed before. If you have free time, I highly recommend browsing their sites after recreating these recipes.

What was your favorite candy as a kid? Do you still love that candy or have your taste-buds changed?

Gigi Nally

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