Health on Track for the Holidays


Health on Track for the Holidays

Initially I started to title this, “Healthy Holidays”, but who would read that?  And, I honestly believe in balance and not necessarily depriving yourself from anything if you don’t have to.    I love to indulge and celebrate all the good things that Thanksgiving and Christmas has to offer, but it’s obviously important to take care of yourself during the Holidays and not to just let yourself go or negate any hard work you did to get that Summer body or most importantly, feel your best self.  It’s hard to get to that point, so you definitely want to respect the good and hard work you put into yourself.  Even if you aren’t worried about or struggle with your weight, your body and energy level will be much better if you are mindful about what you are consuming and your activity level.

So, with two big Holidays approaching and generally a time that we are over consuming and a somewhat unhealthy time of year, let’s commit to continue (or maybe start in some cases) to feel good, amidst the celebrating and indulging (in moderation of course)!

But these are just some simple tips and suggestions to help you keep your health on track and feel good for the Holidays!

Stay hydrated.  One thing I do on the regular is try to chug an entire 8 oz of water or more before I even leave the house.  Make it a priority to get hydrated 1st thing in the morning.  Plus, over the holidays you may be consuming some extra liquid – whether it be egg nog, apple cider, lattes, or prosecco, so try to balance it out – for every drink you consume, chase with a glass of water.

Stay active.

Sign up for a holiday run! They are fun and not as competitive.  Dress up, bundle up, and go with some friends!

Here is a great 5K or 8K on the morning of Thanksgiving, here in downtown Greenville

Jingle Bell Run

Or bundle up and go for an early morning walk or run with your family!

There are also a ton of studios and gyms that are still having one or two classes on Thanksgiving Day! So check your schedules and go ahead and sign up for some accountability.  If you get out and get active, you will feel so much better about laying low and being lazy the remainder of the day.

Staying on track with “healthy/clean eats” and make sure you are getting your nutrients in during the week or really any time you aren’t celebrating!  Especially with how crazy busy the holidays are, I have been super happy with convenient meals.  Basically, if it makes my life EASIER, I am all about it.  I have really been enjoying Energy Bowls and smoothies from Southern Pressed and Happy + Hale, Overnight Oats from the Pantry Doctor, and meals from Word to Mouth!

Pantry Doctor’s Overnight Oats:  I don’t know why it took me so long to try these.  I am typically an egg eater for breakfast, as are both of my kiddos, but again I am always looking for something easy and quick, and even something I can take on the go!  You literally fill the jar of pre-made oats with your milk of choice and store in the fridge overnight.  I typically topped all of mine with a drizzle of honey and some fresh fruit.  I have tried all of the flavors and must say that Beautie and Vitalitee are my two favorites! But I really loved Energee too!  Check them out! I promise, they are delicious and you can eat cold or warm them up for the winter!  You can find her oats at Swamp Rabbit Café, Lowe’s Foods, Two Chefs, or online at

Word to Mouth:  A Paleo meal prep service serving the Greenville area.  So, again, making it EASIER to live a healthy lifestyle…yes, please! This meal service isn’t just convenient either, it is fresh and absolutely delicious.  The menu changes weekly, so lots of great variety!  Here are just some examples of the delicious meals I have had!  Check out her website for more details!

So, basically, if I’m not stuffing my face with pumpkin pie or mac-n-cheese, then I am going to try and eat clean and healthy when I can.

Indulge in only your favorite and the most special holiday treats! Just because it’s on the table, doesn’t mean you have to indulge in it!  You’ve heard it before, you don’t have to deprive yourself during the Holidays, but just be mindful and indulge in moderation.

Treat yourself.  And I don’t mean with treats or food or drinks, but even if this means a little extra sleep (coming from the mom of 2 toddlers, of which this is pretty much impossible, but you get the point).  The Holidays are often about others and giving and hosting parties and buying the perfect gift etc… but try to de-stress a bit for yourself as well, whether that means extra sleep, time for a pedicure, a massage, a float (see previous post for benefits of this!), or even your choice of exercise that may be a way to de-stress and treat yourself to some YOU time.




Shana Poe
Child of God, wife, mom to 2 boys (and 2 labs), Physical Therapist, yoga instructor and MADabolic trainer.  I am passionate about all things above, as well as fashion, good eats, wine, my city, traveling, and having fun!  I have a passion for sharing things I love with others (which is a lot of stuff!), and that is what my Handstand Happiness site is all about.  You will find a little bit of everything here. Thanks for reading!

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