HCFM’s Urban Farm


The Hub City Farmers Market Urban Farm hosts an “Open Farm Saturday” every 3rd Saturday of the month, February through November. The farm is open to the public from 8:30am to noon time, with a gardening class from 10am to 11am.

The Gardening class costs $5.00 to attend, and the topics change each month. Come on down to check out what is happening on the Urban Farm, ask questions about agriculture in the Upstate, volunteer or attend the Gardening Class!

Their Mission
The Urban Farm’s mission is to educate people to the potential of small-scale, sustainable farming, while growing produce for their Mobile Market and select retail and restaurant outlets.
The farm is about a half-acre in size, situated at the rear of Harvest Park. They focus on year-round, sustainable, and innovative farming methods. They farm organically, and try to use as much of the space available for planting, including vertical opportunities. Additionally, Majority Baptist Church donated a hydroponic greenhouse, which they use for seedlings, greens, and flowers.

In keeping with its mission of education, the Urban Farm is available for school, club, and individual tours. They also conduct occasional gardening and farming classes on site to spur greater interest in agriculture.

Our Urban Farm serves as a community hub, also. In 2014, volunteers gave more than 500 hours of service on the farm, planting, weeding, tilling, and tending. Born from the remains of an old mill site, the Urban Farm has turned a barren lot into a useful, food-bearing spot in Spartanburg’s Northside.

For more information check out the weekly blog “Urban Farm Updates” on their website, or email Meg Whiteley at mwhiteley@hubcityfm.org.

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