Hartness: The South’s Next Great Village


Hartness, a new community and neighborhood project on Greenville’s eastside, is a legacy of the Hartness family who has owned the land for generations and still lives on the property. In keeping with the charm and heritage of the Upstate, Hartness will be characteristically local and southern with its stunning architecture and community design.

As a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), Hartness is beautifully and strategically designed to create a thriving community for its residents. The strategy behind TND design is based on town-planning principles from successful communities and villages of generations past. When neighbors are given walking distance access to stores, restaurants and recreation, an atmosphere encouraging residents to engage with one another is created.

In TND fashion, Hartness will feature a Village Center filled with boutiques, restaurants and local festivities. The pattern of homes will be woven from smaller to larger. Row homes and carriage houses are placed centrally amongst cottages – while manors and estates will grace the edges of parks and shared community spaces.

Hartness will provide a rich recreational experience for its community with over 180 acres of special natural places highlighted by a fifteen-mile trail network and nine ponds. This will be a community where residents may choose to leave their cars in the garage for days at a time, but when they choose to head downtown they can be there within 15 minutes.

The success of Hartness will, of course, be determined by its residents and frequent guests. However, it is the pride of its locality that should transform how we build and structure our communities in the future. The TND has something to offer everyone, younger and older; it provides a haven for its residents, but it also provides a welcome atmosphere for visitors to partake in its unique culture. At Hartness, it is the goal to bring the best features of the Upstate into our community to provide a richer and fuller community experience for all to enjoy.

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