Greenville-Spartanburg Airport becomes an Art Destination


To complement the renovations and improvements recently completed at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP), the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District has initiated a program for the selection, commissioning and installation of art. The word “art” is meant to encompass all the visual arts, including two-dimensional artwork, three-dimensional sculptures, multimedia and digital installations, and potentially sound installations.

In 2014, the first phase of this project was initiated and seven artists were selected. The seven artists were required to demonstrate how their proposed concepts support one or more of the following themes that are authentic and uniquely identified with the region and community:


Where we live—integration of water and landscape

This theme speaks to the beautiful natural backdrop of the area—the seven rivers, the forested valleys and the blue mountains in the distance. This theme spans the time from the villages of the first inhabitants and settlers through to the present. It is already well realized in the airport—with the beautiful forest drive, the fountains and pools, and the unique airside garden. This theme is also represented in the gardens and water features found in Greenville and Spartanburg respectively.

Where we’ve come from—textile capital of the world

Historically the region achieved global recognition and stature as a center of textile manufacturing and provides the opportunity to celebrate a unique aspect of the region’s history. This theme was thought of to encourage innovative concepts that meld textiles and art, and to bring some vibrant color into the GSP art program.

Where we’re going—technology and mobility

The last theme extrapolates the current foundation of the South Carolina economy into the future. The Upstate and state of South Carolina serves as the center of a highly developed technical and automotive design and production industry, strongly supported by many corporate headquarters and an equally impressive number of colleges and universities.

GSP has installed all seven pieces of art unique to the Upstate from artists across the nation. They are also in the process of featuring seven additional artists. Some of the art displayed is included in the links below:

Meet the Artists: Melissa Anderson

Meet The Artists: Arthur Stern

More Artist Installations at GSP

Artist Installation Update

More New Public Art: Terrazo Tile by Joan Weissman

Meet the Artists: Amy Baur and Brian Boldon

Waterfall of Light

All of these pieces are unique in that they incorporate something iconic from the Upstate.  For more information about this exciting endeavor visit the GSP Facebook page at

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