The Greenville Shop | From a sketch to recognizable brand


An innovative new logo is catching on and making waves in Greenville. The art, designed by two Greenville moms—one an interior designer, the other the owner of a trendy local boutique—who combined their creative energies to come up with a classic Greenville logo. Allison Domonoske and Carolyn Haas had seen plenty of Greenville shirts, just none they wanted to wear.

Allison fell in love with Greenville the first time she laid eyes on the iconic Liberty Bridge in downtown Falls Park. As soon as she started sketching a design, she knew the two “Ls” were destined to become the two towers suspending the bridge. The duo worked hard to perfect the design and eventually it came to life. Carolyn felt that a children’s logo would compliment the parent logo, so using her oldest daughter’s handwriting, she created a font that will be on souvenirs for children.

Allison and Carolyn finally had the Greenville shirt they had been looking for, and pretty soon they had to have a mug and a hat to go with it.

Wanting to share the love, The Greenville Shop was born. “Our plan is to strive for continuity with our merchandise, present and future, using our original Greenville logo,” the pair says enthusiastically.

Currently The Greenville Shop’s t-shirts and mugs can be purchased at The Pickwick on Augusta Street. Vann and Liv will be carrying the children’s shirts in the spring, as well. To learn more about their endeavor, and product lines, follow @thegreenvilleshop on Instagram and Facebook.

Their website will be up soon so you can stock up on goodies for all the Greenville lovers in your life.

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