Flower Power: Picking the Best Blooms for Valentine’s Day

See what I did there with the title? “Picking” the best blooms? Sometimes I astound myself with my genius. (I kid. Listen, when you have children running around and work full time, you take your puns where you can get them.)
So every year, life gets in the way. Wake up, get the kids ready for preschool and “regular” school, somehow find a way for everyone to get lunchboxes prepped and all to the car in one piece. . . And then you realize something. It’s just about Valentine’s Day and you’ve not made dinner plans. Not to mention informed your husband (sorry, but many of them need to be nudged – be it gently or not so gently – in the right direction). And I don’t care if you say you don’t want flowers on Valentine’s Day. You’re kidding yourself. You actually wouldn’t actively turn away a beautiful arrangement created for you at the prompting of someone you love (and who loves you).
So I’ve compiled a little list of places where I direct my friends’ husbands (hoping, in turn, they direct mine. . . ) every year. Some are new, some are not. Some are traditional in focus, some are more off-the-beaten-path. The key to finding (and planning) for the very best bouquet of blooms is now at the tip of your mobile device and just one quick text/forward away.
Statice: www.staticeflowers.com | IG: @staticefloral
Philo Floral: www.philofloral.com | IG: @philofloral
The Embassy Flowers & Nature’s Gifts: www.embassy-flowers.com | IG: @embassy_flowers
TWIGS: www.twigs.net | IG: @twigsgreenville
Greer Florist & Specialties: www.greerfloristsc.com
Floral Renditions: www.floralrenditionsflorist.com | IG: @floralrenditions
Traveler’s Rest
Travelers Rest Florist: www.travelersrestflorist.com
Simpsonville Florist: www.simpsonvilleflorist.com
Keith Wheeler’s Flowers: www.keithwheelersflowers.com
A Arrangement Florist: www.aarrangementfloristinc.com
Russ Gaffney Florist: www.russgaffneyflorist.com
And lest we not forget a trick of the trade, here. Many places such as BI-LO and other groceries keep a widely stocked floral pantry at each location. All you need to do to warm your loved one’s heart on this special day is to snag a bouquet (or better yet, two), find a neat container, and pick up a bottle of bubbly. Bring home all the goods, pour her a glass of champagne, and let her watch as you snip the ends (under running water, at an angle), and “expertly arrange” as only a loving partner can do. Trust me. It’s not always about the finished product – but she will certainly enjoy watching you become your own florist while she sips on some of the good stuff.
Happy floral shopping!

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