Fitness During the Holidays


Headed to the beach this summer? Have some Fun in the Sun 4th of July plans?

Rest and relaxation are so important when it comes to keeping a healthy mind, but don’t let your fitness goals get kicked to the curb during vacation. This will ensure that you don’t struggle getting back into the groove once you return back to everyday life. Learn how to say no to temptations, use vacation time as a way to improve your fitness and some healthy workout tips to be sure the pounds don’t pile on this summer.

Plan Ahead:
4th of July is just around the corner and we know the unhealthy food will be a huge temptation. Stay strong and remember how hard it is to get your fitness mind back once you’ve given into the
temptations. If you plan your meals ahead and have them ready it will make resisting a lot easier. Plan ahead and don’t show up starving to your holiday events.

Road Trip Necessities
When traveling to your vacation destination, boredom leads to hunger and pit stops for snacks. Be sure to prepare healthy snacks for your road trip to keep your fitness goals in check on the way.

Do Your Research
When looking into hotels for your vacation, check to see what amenities they offer (gym, fitness classes, running routine in the area, etc). Choose a hotel that is within walking distance from the actives you want to do while you are there. If all else fails, the only equipment you really need to get moving is your own two feet. Make it a point to walk or run each morning and use what the hotel has to offer. Use your apple watch, Fitbit or log your steps with an app on your phone to help keep you motivated. Set a goal to reach 10,000 steps or more and you’ll be on track to staying fit while on holiday.

Make Working out Convenient Anywhere
Don’t give yourself any room for excuses. Invest in portable equipment and easy ways to work out while on the go. You don’t need heavy weights to stay in shape. There are lots of new options for fitness equipment that can fit in your luggage or even in a carry on bag. Look for a small set of resistance bands or a jump rope. You can even purchase kettle bells that are empty and can be filled with sand to reach a desired weight when you arrive!

Staying healthy on vacation isn’t hard if you plan ahead and think about your nutrition. Don’t forget to care for your physical health and your mental health too. Staying fit while on vacation can be a challenge. Making time for a workout and staying on track with nutrition is possible if you stick to these healthy tips.

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