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Alright ghouls and gals—it is Halloween time! Halloween is the one day a year it is completely acceptable to dress up like a someone (or something) else and eat ridiculous amounts of candy—so of course we love it! Not only is this a great holiday to spend with friends and family, it is one you can really get into. As a part of the beauty community, we at Ivy Salon love Halloween as it is the perfect opportunity to try the craziest, wackiest makeup and hair trends we’ve seen throughout the year. If you are as passionate about hair and makeup as we are (and even if you are not), this is a great opportunity to steer away from your typical makeup routine and create something unique. For all of you makeup gurus and beauty novices, we have got some great recommendations for your Halloween costume this year:

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Classic Halloween: Some of you may not feel very confident about putting together an exceptionally intricate look or may not have the time—or perhaps your office has a strict dress code. The perfect answer to this is simply to go a bit more dramatic during your regular makeup routine. More traditional Halloween costumes, like a cat or a witch, are great options for this—simply draw on a cat-eye and add some ears or do a dramatic smoky eye and a dark lip and add a witch’s hat. Easy tricks like adding a little darkness to your eyes or a little fake blood (vampire anyone?) still help you get into the Halloween spirit without eating away at your wallet or time.

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Pop Culture: If you want to put some effort into your costume, popular culture references are always a great hit. There are so many hilarious and creative options to pull some ideas from like recent movie, popular themes or notable characters. This might require a bit more planning, but can still be as intricate or as simple as you wish to make it. You can over dramatize the look with crazy makeup colors or colored hairspray. One of our favorites from last year was Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. Check out YouTube tutorials on how to master some of your favorite characters’ looks.

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Special Effects Makeup: We’ll admit it—we love going all out for this holiday! So, if you are like us, and you are ready to jump at any opportunity to master a complex Halloween look, consider a costume that allows you to try your hand at special effects makeup. Something incredibly gory is a great challenge that can actually be created with the help of some stick-on prosthetics. If fake blood and guts makes your stomach churn, consider transforming yourself into an animal—these are super detailed and can be incredibly intricate. Give us a call at Ivy Salon if you need assistance mastering more complex Halloween looks this year.

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