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It seems that every article I write begins with a blurb about the weather. Living in South Carolina where you truly don’t know what sort of weather to expect, it’s a reasonable topic of discussion and easy segue into another topic. That being said, it’s July in the Palmetto State and Mother Nature has brought on summer with a vengeance. It’s so hot that it’s completely unreasonable to be outside unless you’re in/next to a body of water. What if you have to be outside? How can you dress comfortably when it feels like we’re mere inches from the sun? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Whether in dressy or casual clothes, the name of the game is lightweight. With this weather, you have to limit the amount of fabric on your body to avoid sweating buckets. Also, avoid layers. Save those for fall and winter. The only acceptable layering would be to wear an undershirt to avoid ruining a dress shirt. This time of year, linen is your friend. This lightweight fabric is great for hot and humid days and is often made into pants, shorts, and a variety of shirts. Short-sleeved button-ups and shorts are a great and easy combination this time of year and, depending on the pairing, can even be somewhat dressy. Now, there is one article of clothing I won’t necessarily recommend, but can completely understand the use of. Tank tops are pretty common when the weather gets warm, but they’re not always the most accommodating for different body types and are sometimes frowned up due to their extremely casual appearance. That said, you can find tank tops with neat patterns and colors in Target or department stores. Pair them with a short-sleeved button down and you’ve gotten an easy look!

As far as shoes go, pick comfortable ones. When it’s this hot, everything sweats, and sweaty feet can be uncomfortable in the wrong shoes. If you’re wearing Sperrys or any type of boat shoe or moccasin, wear socks. I know it’s probably not the most comfortable thing, but a pair of super low-cut no-show socks can slow down the stink process that happens with leather and canvas shoes. Do yourself (and anyone who has to be near those shoes) a favor and find some socks to wear.

Godspeed and good luck, y’all! At least July is nearly over and (knock on wood) August shouldn’t be much worse! Stay cool and stay stylish!

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Nick Kulmala
Nick Kulmala is the head honcho of local bow tie business, A Dapper Sandlapper. He's a Clemson graduate who spends his free time either acting, making bow ties, aggressively following Clemson athletics, or reading far too many Buzzfeed articles. Nick lives in #yeahTHATgreenville with his boyfriend, Chris, and their spoiled French Bulldog, Tilly.

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