Fall Into Turkish Rugs


Once we get a glimpse of the leaves changing on the trees and feel a chill in the air, we know that the excitement of the holidays and the season of welcoming guests into our homes is upon us. With this, brings about the perfect time to refresh, reboot, and kickstart some new design projects in your home. We cannot think of any better way to bring new life into a room than with a vintage-made-modern rug. It’s not just about fabrics and paints anymore; rugs are wise investments that just get better with age and are becoming the starting point for many rooms. Oriental rugs are back in a big way, and the rugs that we are seeing now are not the stuffy ones your grandmother had. Vintage Turkish rugs have intricate patterns and vivacious colors, and are a trend that will become timeless decor. These swoonworthy and handwoven masterpieces add rich color accents to rooms, withstand traffic, and can transform a room to have a very young feeling.

As you prepare for fall, here are some design trends that we’re loving this season.

Delicate blush and bold pinks have been one of our most popular colors in rugs this year, and they are only getting better. Pink has been the “it” color of the moment, and our love for this rosy hue is not slowing down. To one’s surprise though, pink can act a somewhat of a neutral, as it pairs well with a variety of colors and design schemes. Using pink rugs in a smaller space can give the room a bold statement without too much of an investment and layering shades of pink in your home decor creates a cheery and sophisticated palette.

Recently, a color that has been gaining popularity in our vintage Turkish rugs collection is tangerine. The zesty color is more high-impact than pink, so limiting its use to one key furnishing, such as a rug, will make it act as the perfect accessory and will certainly break up a room that feels too monotone. This vibrant color has shown up in some of my most favorite rugs recently, and they instantly refresh, revitalize and give energy to their new spaces. The shades of orange, bold accent colors and geometric patterns in these rugs create just the right focal points needed for a room.

One of our favorite design trends involves adding more depth to these Turkish rugs. If you love the look of a Turkish rug but think that it’s too small for the space, then you can layer it on top of something simple, such as a sisal or jute rug. Making sure that the larger, main rug is neutral and leaving 12 to 18 inches exposed on all sides of the base rug will allow the Turkish rug to take center stage. Layering a bold Turkish rug atop a neutral rug adds scale to the space, creates contrast and draws the eye in.

While we’re loving playful colors and dynamic layering, remember to always choose what you love, regardless of what the trends may be. But as we shift into a new season, adding lively colors through vintage rugs can be an exciting way to update and invigorate a space in your home.

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Lance Putnam
Lance Putnam is the curator and founder of the South Carolina small business, Woven in Vintage. With a background in the arts, entrepreneurship, and design, Lance started Woven in Vintage to bring timeless additions to modern homes. Follow @WovenInVintage on Instagram for the latest arrivals in vintage rugs and textiles and shop online at www.WovenInVintage.com

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