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Happy Fall, y’all! Shoutout to this weather, because it’s been feeling pretty incredible lately. Just dropping by to hit you with a few quick tips for fall fashion. Let’s go, shall we?

Layer: If you live in the South for any period of time, you will quickly learn that the weather is unreliable and if you dress warmly for the morning, you’ll likely be sweating by the end of the day. Solve this problem by wearing a couple of layers. Wear a t-shirt or button-down under a light sweater and then throw a jacket of sorts on top. That way, you’ll be prepared no matter how the weather changes!

Darker Green: Fall brings about a complete change in color schemes when it comes to clothing. Spring is full of fun, pastel colors, while Summer is bright and bold. When it comes to Fall, everything gets toned down and a bit earthier. Embrace the earthy tones of Fall and utilize darker shades of green in your wardrobe. Whether it’s with a sweater, sportcoat, or pants, darker shades of green are perfect for Fall and Christmastime fashion.

Textures: One of the best things about Fall fashion is the reemergence of great texture clothing items! Different textures not only add a visual component to your outfit, but a tactile component as well. Grab that chunky cable knit sweater! Throw on those corduroy pants! Add on that tweed jacket! There are so many unique options to choose from when utilizing texture – and don’t be afraid to mix textures, too! Just… don’t go crazy with it. Remember, less is more.

Jeans/Denim: Even though this is prime corduroy season, that doesn’t mean you should jump ship on denim. Dark colored jeans are a perfect staple this time of year and pair well with everything from t-shirts to sweaters and jackets. Wear a nice pair of brown shoes or boots and you’re all set!

Outerwear: Going back to a few of the other tips, outerwear is your friend this time of year. Depending on the occasion, your outerwear choices should adapt to the situation. A few great options include bomber jackets for more casual settings, sportcoats or blazers for casual or dressy occasions, or peacoats for when it’s just a bit cooler outside.

That’s all for now, folks! Have a great Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday.

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Nick Kulmala
Nick Kulmala is the head honcho of local bow tie business, A Dapper Sandlapper. He's a Clemson graduate who spends his free time either acting, making bow ties, aggressively following Clemson athletics, or reading far too many Buzzfeed articles. Nick lives in #yeahTHATgreenville with his boyfriend, Chris, and their spoiled French Bulldog, Tilly.

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